How To Change Text Fonts In WhatsApp

All New WhatsApp Fonts Changes, WhatsApp Font Changes Like Bold,Italic,Change Text Fonts In WhatsApp  like Bold, Italik, Etc. All Fonts can easily change,WhtasApp chat Size And Fonts Change,Chat Size Change, New WhatsApp Fonts. All we are already known about WhatsApp, one of the most popular messenger in the world.It is popular for its services by Internet like Unlimited text, Images,Documents, Contacts, Locations, GIF Files. This application is available in Google Play Store, OVI Store, Apple IOS and Other Places also. There are many Tricks Of WhatsApp which We generally don’t know.

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Font Size In WhatsApp

There are few steps which you have to follow to Change Font Size in Your WhatsApp App. And these are as follows:

1. Open WhatsApp.


You have to open whatsApp Application Simply.

Then On top you can see the menu option you have to just click on it.

 2. Tap Settings > Chat settings > Font size.

WhatsApp Fonts Style

These are some steps which you have to follow as it is.

3. You can select from Small, Medium, or Large.


By following these steps you can see the top up box on your screen in which Small, Medium, Large Font will appear. Now you can choose any one of it according to your suitability.

Text Fonts In WhatsApp


  1. Bold Fonts – 

You can make your fonts in Bold by adding * before and after the word/sentence. *bold text* will be shown as bold text2. Italic Fonts  You can make italic fonts by adding underscore before and after the word. _italic word_ will be shown as italic word.

3. Strike through  You can strike the text by adding ~ before and after the word. ~strikethrough~

These Are the Trick Of WhatsApp By which You can Change Text Font In WhatsApp And Font Size Too.

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