How to Change or Remove Profile Picture in WhatsApp Messenger for Android


One of the most important parts of any social application is the profile photo, and WhatsApp Messenger is no exception. Knowing how to change the profile picture isn’t always apparent however, and sometimes involves a learning curve, especially when switching to a new operating system.

Before you learn how to do anything, of course, you should always make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp downloaded on your device.

If you have an Android or iPhone device, first press the Menu key and select Settings. From there, select Profile to bring up your WhatsApp profile info. You’ll see your profile picture in the top center of your screen with the word edit just beneath it.

You don’t have to tap “edit” directly; you can simply tap any part of the picture to bring up a list of options, including gallery and camera options, depending on the apps you have downloaded on your device. Depending on if you want a pre-existing photo or want to take a new photo, you can select the appropriate option and photo to use. Once you’ve done so and cropped the photo to your liking, your new profile picture will go live.

You can also remove your profile photo by following the same process above but selecting Remove photo instead of the gallery or camera.

For Windows Phone devices, the process is very similar but with a Windows Phone flare. From your conversation view, tap the three dots in the bottom right of your screen and select Settings. Once the Settings menu comes up, you’ll be able to swwipe to the right once to access your Profile. Swiping to the left also works, but requires two swipes rather than just one.

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