How to Change App Permissions Using Android Marshmallow –

how to change app permissions using Android Marshmallow

Google Play Store allows you to install any app there is of which many are free of cost, and others are paid. But before you can Install the app, the app asks you for a permission to use certain data of your phone like Storage, location, photos, media, files and so on. So now the question really is, how to change app permissions using Android Marshmallow?

But there are times when the user is reluctant or even scared to allow the app to have access to certain data which would not be even used by the app. For example a game like Clash of Clans asks the permission to access your Contacts, an app like Clash of Clans does not necessarily need your contacts to work, so now you can change app permission using Android Marshmallow so that the app does not access your contacts. This is a great feature of Android Marshmallow and it is quite useful.

So, this article will show you the steps how you can change app permissions using Android Marshmallow.

Steps to Change App Permissions using Android Marshmallow

Step 1 : Tap the application drawer on home screen, all your apps will be present there like below.

Step 2 : Press and hold the app whose permission you want to change.

Step 3 : Drag and drop the selected app to the ‘App Info’ (top of the screen).

Step 4 : Select ‘Permissions’.

Step 5 : Deny the permission by sliding the bar in front of the data you do not want the app to use.

Note : It is better to deny the permission only for the data that you think the app would not have to use. Lets look at the clash of clans example again. It asks permission to access your contacts and storage.The app does not necessarily use your contacts, so you can deny it permission to use that, but it does have to use storage for saving files, so you should not deny it the permission to use that.

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