How To Be Invisible on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp has become one of the main channel of communication nowadays due to the growing numbers of smartphone users. WhatsApp is basically an instant messaging platform for people to communicate either one on one or in a group chat. However, there is some instances in which a user wish to be invisible or in an offline mode even though they are online. The reason may varies from wanting not to be disturbed or just want to remain invisible so that they can have more flexibility in using WhatsApp for communication. If you are already familiar with WhatsApp, the ‘Last Seen at” status shows the last timestamp you are logged into the WhatsApp account or when the last time you open up the application. Because of this function, some users find that ‘the last seen’ status can cause some misconception on why they are not answering a message quickly or not responding even though the status shows they just logged in. The Last seen status will show what is the latest time you have open the WhatsApp application. However, not many users are comfortable of showing this status.

So, how you can be invisible on WhatsApp? In this quick step by step article, we will going to show you how to disable the ‘Last Seen’ status and also a bonus tip on how you can read new WhatsApp messages without the need to appear online. Here are the steps:- How to hide ‘Last Seen’ status

whatsapp invisible mode 1

Step 1 Open the WhatsApp settings and tap on the ‘Account’

Step 2 Once you are in the Account settings, tap on the ‘Privacy’

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Step 3 On the Privacy menu, tap on the ‘Last Seen’

Step 4 On the ‘Last Seen’ menu, tap ‘Nobody’ to enable this setting. Once this setting is enabled, you are now in invisible mode or in an offline mode even when you are online using WhatsApp. Please note also that once you are in this mode, you will not see other people’s ‘Last Seen’ status as well.

Bonus tips:- How you can read a new WhatsApp message without appearing to your contact that you are online.

whatsapp invisible mode 3

Step 1 Once you received a new message in WhatsApp, do not open your WhatsApp yet but quickly open your iPhone settings.

Step 2 Enable the Airplane mode and then open your WhatsApp to read the new message. When you read your contact new message in WhatsApp, the tick will not turn into blue showing that you have read the message until you disable the airplane mode. This is because once you are on airplane mode, you are disconnected from the internet. Once you are online, WhatsApp will then send the notification to your contact that the messages they sent have been read by you.

So, there you have it. A quick guide on how you can become invisible on WhatsApp. Please also checkout our previous articles on the Top 5 WhatsApp Tips and Tricks to know more on what you can do using this popular instant messaging platform.

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