How to be Invisible on WhatsApp on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

Don’t like the fact that your contacts know when you’re online or get your last seen status? The following is a definitive guide that will explain step by step how to be invisible on WhatsApp whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone.

How to be Invisible on WhatsApp
  • How to hide your online status.
  • How to hide your last seen.
  • How to read a message without making the ticks blue.
  • Block the person you want to hide from.

There are a lot of apps to go invisible on WhatsApp out there and you’ve probably wondered if you need them. Well, the answer is clear: NO! What these apps do is just turn on airplane mode to make you invisible while you read your messages. But do you really need to install an app to activate airplane mode? Of course you don’t! You’re intelligent enough to know that you can do it through the settings menu without wasting time installing an app.

As has already been said, WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to become invisible as you did on the old MSN Messenger. This does not mean that you cannot do anything to keep away the meddlers who want to know when you’re online or when you logged in last time.

1. Turn on airplane mode. By doing so, you can read all your messages while preventing blue ticks from appearing. Besides this, you can open the app without people seeing you online and your last seen will not be updated. When you disable airplane mode you will be visible again.

3. Disable the last seen. This is one of the things that most bothers WhatsApp users. “Why should I tell my friends when I was logged in?” To deactivate it, open WhatsApp and go to Settings > Account > Privacy and set Nobody. If you want to learn more about WhatsApp ticks, read our complete guide about ticks.

Now that you’re invisible, take a glance at privacy

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