How to backup and restore Whatsapp conversations

WhatsApp is a new era communication application. This application has given a new direction in the messaging services in mobile devices. There are millions of people across the world that is successfully using this messaging application on their smart devices.

After using WhatsApp for some time you realize there is a data overload. You start feeling the need of backing up the conversations. This point also becomes important as a shield against situation where your phone is lost, stolen or you have to format the phone memory because of some virus etc. In this article we will show how to backup and restore Whatsapp conversations.

Backing up the conversation in WhatsApp is not a big deal at all. The creators of this application made it quite easier to perform this task. Now follow the simple steps give below:

1. Open your WhatsApp

2. Go to Settings >> Chat Settings >> Backup Chat Conversations.


You will have to connect your smart device to your PC and take the backup. In case where you phone goes haywire you need not to worry about any loss of previous conversations, rather you can re install you’re backed up by using the same process of connecting your smart device to PC and pushing the backed up messages in the WhatsApp database folder.

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