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WhatsApp Messenger is one most used messenger these days where you can send free SMS messages to your friends. Even though you got lot of free SMS application are available on the Google Play Store, WhatsApp is one of the best messenger for sending free SMS

Devices Supported : It supports for most of the devices such as Android , iPhone , Blackberry , Nokia & Windows  Mobile Phone

How to take Backup & Restore/Move WhatsApp Messages & Conversation On Android Mobile Phone?

Backup & Move & Restore WhatsApp Converstaion

Are you regular user who used to have important conversations on Whatsapp messenger. Are you worried about how to take backup of your WhatsApp messages? Do You want to transfer or move the WhatsApp Messages to your new Android Device?.

Don’t Worry You can easily do this with your WhatsApp Application. You just need to follow some simple tips and it will take only two to three minutes to complete the process on your device

Steps to Backup WhatsApp Messages & Conversations on Android Smartphone:

Step #1: Open WhatsApp on your android device from the home screen

Step #2: After the App gets launched . Press the Menu Key and then tap on Settings options after that navigate to chat settings section.  See the screenshot below you will have an clear idea to do that

Step #3 : To start the backup process, tap on Backup conversations option. Yup! Great! Now your Whatsapp messages are backup.

Steps to Move & Restore Whatsapp Messages on other Android Mobile Phone:

Step #1 : First step you have move to Whatsapp backup file to your new android mobile phone.

To do this you need to install any file manager from here on both devices.

Step #2 : After installing the File manager application on the old device . you just need to transfer the /sdcard/WhatsApp/ folder from your old android mobile phone to same folder of your newer mobile phone

Step #3 : After storing the backup folder on your new mobile Phone. Now install the Whatsapp application on tour device which will automatically restore all the WhatsApp messages on your newer device.

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