How to back up

Many iPhone users have complained of not being able to locate their chat history, audio recordings and images on Whatsapp which they got only a few days earlier from their friends. It can be really frustrating when you can’t find the audio clips that you want to listen to. Don’t worry, now it’s possible to save all the audio files, images, music files instantly when you receive them. The WhatsApp pocket program has made this possible. It is a client PC or Mac. This program helps you to save your WhatsApp chat history, images, audio clips on a PC so that you can see or hear them anytime you want. You will not have to press the load more option to see your chat history. This also prevents losing of data when you accidentally press the clear conversation button in WhatsApp.


There are other benefits as well of using WhatsApp Pocket. Not only can you save all the messages, photos, voice notes from WhatsApp to your PC or Mac but you will also have no need to worry about losing data if you mistakenly press the delete button on WhatsApp messages, videos, audios, and photos on your iPhone. It helps to save all these on your PC or Mac,so that you can watch the videos or can read the chat history later when you are free. You can take time to read and hear your messages.

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WhatsApp Pocket is quite easy to operate. You don’t need to do any complex steps to save audio notes or video recording from WhatsApp using this software. Just a few clicks are enough and then get better view of videos that you received on WhatsApp on iPhone. It will backup all your images, videos, audio notes on a separate hard drive lightens your mood and makes you happy every time you see them or listen to them. It is easy to work with. It just contains few simple steps.

How to back up / save WhatsApp voice messages

  • First of all what you need to do is to download and install the WhatsApp message extractor on your personal computer and then connect your iPhone to your PC/Mac.
  • You can select different scan model from iOS device, iTunes backup or iCloud backup. If you select scan from iOS device, one has to remember to connect your iPhone device with the computer.
  • When it finishes the scanning, it will show all the chat messages. You can see all the WhatsApp contact information and chat message information including images, audio and video files. You can even click the Resource tab, select all the required files and save the recordings onto your computer.

So, if you are an iPhone user and want to save all your voice messages on the PC to listen to them later, then it is essential you install WhatsApp pocket as soon as possible. It is really easy and you can store your voice messages with ease here. Listening to them anytime will make you thank this app and will let you know how beneficial it is. So, get your back up today.

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