How To Automatically Remove Useless WhatsApp Photos

Did you know that one of the most popular apps in the World is also one of the most storage hungry? Seriously WhatsApp stores all the images you receive from friends and family, literally everything! And furthermore, it can be difficult for the average smartphone user to track down these erroneous images, memes and other unwanted clutter.

How To Automatically Remove Useless WhatsApp Photos

One simple way to find and delete the clutter would be to open the image gallery app on your Android phone and search there, but it can be difficult to distinguish between what’s from WhatsApp and what is not, so that is probably an effect approach.

Another method would be to download and install a file manager app, you could use it to locate the unwanted files and even delete entire files containing WhatsApp images. However, the potential to mistakenly delete images of importance is quite great with this method, so what can be done, what is the solution?

Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp

What if there was an intelligent app, one which could distinguish between what needs to be kept and what doesn’t, something developed specifically for the WhatsApp image clutter problem?

The good news is, there is such an app, and it was created by an Indian start-up company called Siftr. Called Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp (so there can be no mistaken identity) once downloaded and installed the app automatically scans your WhatsApp installation and all of its related folders.

While the app is scanning those files it is specifically looking for junk images, so that’s memes, screen-shots, memes, cartoons and anything else deemed to be of little use. Once the scan is complete you will be offered an option to delete all the images found or a selection of your choosing.

How Does Magic Cleaner Work?

Siftr has developed its own image recognition software (which is similar to Google’s API), which analysis the content of any image to find out if it can be considered to be junk or not. To use the app you will need and active internet connection, it can be 3G/4G or via WiFi, but must be stable. This is because the app conducts its image search via Siftr’s own servers by uploading a tiny piece of information.

Does the App Work?

Whilst testing the free version of the app, which allows a limited amount of image deletions per day. We discovered that the app works extremely efficiently and does exactly what the developers say it should.

We tested the app on a WhatsApp installation that had a few thousand images downloaded and once we ran the app and left it to run it quickly identified the clutter and gave us the choice to delete it. So all in all we were very happy with the app.

Final Thoughts

If you’re an active WhatsApp user, we recommend that you download and give this app a test run. We believe you will quickly realize that for WhatsApp Magic Cleaner is a must have companion app.

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