How To Add Read More and Different Thumbnail For Real Images In Whatsapp-Live Examples

Most of us know about the new features are added into whatsapp and so much privacy has been enabled to the user.

how to change thumbnail of real image in whatsapp

In these days,so many messages are receiving with different kinds of fonts,attached with some kind of tags like read more and the images that appears as a different picture before downloading and after downloading there will be an another picture.

I tried so many kinds of apps to do all these kind of funny tricks on my friends but so many apps are not really giving the best and what user exactly wants from them and so many tricks that have been mentioned in other blogs/websites are fake.

For example I saw an article related to how to recover deleted messages in whatsapp and followed all their steps which mentioned as go to whatsapp/databases folder and open msgstore-yyy..dd.db.crypt file by using notepad editor and one can see the last seven days messages,but it didn’t show any messages and everyone knows that whatsapp is giving much priority to privacy so that all those messages are encrypted in the notepad so this trick is fake and so many tricks mentioned are fake,so here i want to share the genuine and working tricks.

How To Add Read More

  • To add read more tag in your whatsapp messages,you have to create a blank spaces using any editor like notepad and if you want to get that file,Download from here
how to add read more tag in whatsapp
  • Then open that file in your mobile and select the space between brackets.I think most of you might get trouble in selecting the space using html editor,so try to use Wps office and open with it,select only space.
how to add read more tag in whatsapp
  • Then its to time to start texting,for example type Hii in the whatsapp and paste(spaces) and again type any text and past it and again text and paste and continue with this process as your wish.
  • Then hit send and you can see the read more tag in your whatsapp and click that read more for the next text and have fun.

How To Add Different Thumbnail To The Real Image

  • I tried so many apps like z photo fake for whatsapp chats,fake app but they are using their promotions in our pictures like they are displaying their app logos after downloading the images and it makes no sense to use them.
how to add different thumbnail for the real image in whatsapp
  • The app image preview changer is performing well and you can download from your playstore and install it.
  • Then open the app where you can see click to select photo for original and preview.
how to add different thumbnail for the real image in whatsapp
  • Select the original image which appears after downloading the picture by your friends and select the preview image to show that image as thumbnail.
  • Then share to your friends and see how they reacts to your picture and have fun.

Bonus Tip For Fonts

It seems not a tip to add in a bonus list because most of you might knew this trick,if you dont know please follow this.

  • For bold text enter your text in between *.Example: *hiiii* becomes hiiii.
  • For italic enter the text in between _ underscores.Example:_hi_ becomes hi.
  • To strike your text enter the text in between ~.Example:~hi~ it will be striken.
  • To get another font just write the text in between “` .Example:“` hello“` appears in a different font.

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