How To Add International Phone Number Format in Whatsapp?

International phone number format in whatsapp. Hi friends, now we are going to see how to add international phone number format in Whatsapp? It will useful for all Whatsapp users in world wide. Whatsapp is the free mobile chatting and sharing application, so with using this app we can chat and sharing multimedia’s to other whatsapp users without to pay this is only for internet connection requirement. If any Phone numbers (contacts) add to in our phone address book it will automatically shown in Whatsapp.

Necessarily want to add the contact phone numbers properly in your contact list first. Then only it will shown in your whatsapp contacts. Local numbers it not a problem you can use normal way, yes it will work normal way.

For example US country code:/USA International Format Phone Number

Phone Number Format by Country

If you add international contact number in your phone book it must contain country code before the phone number. Briefly we will explain below please take your look there.

  • Phone number start with the plus (+) symbol.
  • After (+) symbol enter the country code of the specify contact number.
  • After entered (+) with country code please enter the full phone number, also remove the special codes and leading (0).

Example for US Phone Number:/Cell Phone Number Lookup

Format: country code (+1) -> Area code -(800) -> Local number(233-5874) -> +18002335874

First want to type +1 country code then add area code 800 afterward entered the local number 233-5874 in your phone book (contact list) as like this +18002335874. Please avoid special code like (0).

international phone number format in whatsapp

For example UK country code:

Format: Dial the International Direct Dialing (IDD) number (011) some cases.

country code (+44) -> city code (122) -> Local number(2XXXXXX) -> +441224xxxxxx

This is the special case. First want to add plus symbol (+) after that type country code (44) and entered the local phone number don’t use any other special code and leading (0). +441224xxxxxx

Mexico Phone Number Example: +52XXXXXXXXXX(Total 12 digits.)

Argentina Phone Number Example: +5491123456789(Total 13 digits.)

List Of Country Codes and Phone Numbers/International Phone Number Format Standard

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