How to Add International Contacts to WhatsApp

Nowadays, communicating with your loved ones is a simple thing to do. Gone are the days when you have to pay hundreds of bucks for a few minutes to voice calls with the people who live abroad. As soon as you are using a smartphone, you can do free voice calls and can stay connected with your loved ones easily. When it comes to communication, WhatsApp comes first. WhatsApp is the best Instant Messenger app which keeps you online and connected with all the important people. You can even chat with Foreign people with WhatsApp for free. Yes, add International contacts to WhatsApp and stay connected. More details are as follows! 


Since you are using a smartphone, you can have a number of choices in choosing an appropriate messaging app for your respective smartphone. I’m sure you all are very much familiar with WhatsApp and its functionality and have been using it already. Apart from everything, you might don’t know the process of adding an International contacts in your phonebook. For that, we have prepared a tutorial to help you in adding International contacts to WhatsApp. Kindly follow the below given steps and start chatting with your loved ones who live abroad!

How to Add International Contacts to WhatsApp – Chat with Foreign People with WhatsApp

Step 1 :

Make sure you are using a latest version of WhatsApp Messenger in your device. Using a latest version can give you a few more additional features while making use of the app. If you are using an Android device, kindly follow the below given link for the latest APK file of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp APK Download for Android

Step 2 :

In order to get the International contacts in your WhatsApp’s contacts list, you have to manually add that contact to your phonebook. Open the dial pad on your device.

Step 3 :

In order to add any contacts to your phonebook, make sure to add it with the +sign. It is necessary to add + sign while adding a new contact.

Step 4 :

After + sign, you have to add the Country code, followed by the full phone number.

E.g. If you live in the US and your number is 456-7123, you have to add the contact as +13044567123. Here +1 is a country code and 304 is a respective area code. Make sure you add the number in the given format.

Step 5 :

After completing it, go to your WhatsApp’s account and tap the +Contacts option.

Step 6 :

Select the Menu option and a scroll down menu will appear. Hit the refresh button which is given there. All of your contacts will get refreshed and you should see a recently added contact right there who lives abroad.

Step 7 :

In order to start chatting with that person, you just need to tap on to that contact’s name from the Contacts list.

That’s all you have to do in order to add an International contact to your WhatsApp’s contacts list so that you can start free chatting with them on the go! It’s pretty simple and works great for everyone. Go ahead and add the contacts right away!

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