How to access WhatsApp on web browser

Sometime we may need to send data, images, docs, files from our PC or Laptops to whatsapp chats or vice versa i.e. to save data from whatsapp chat to our computer. This can be hectic process to transfer data from our computer to phone first and then send in the whatsapp chat. Copying text from whatsapp chat to somewhere in computer also needs to use email or other messaging service. But what if we can use WhatsApp(WhatsApp web) directly in our computers.

Yes, you can access WhatsApp in computer without downloading and installing any software. Using WhatsApp Web feature of WhatsApp you can access your WhatsApp on your web browser on your PC or Laptop.

The process is very simple and quick. You need to follow some easy steps and you’ll be able to run WhatsApp on your browser in few minutes. You won’t need to setup a separate account for this. This web extension is only the replica of your WhatsApp account on your smartphone. You’ll be able to see all your chat and contacts in web version as those are in your mobile version. The only requirement is that your phone where your WhatsApp is installed must have an active internet connection.

How does it works

Follow these simple steps to run your WhatsApp on your web browser.

  • Go to or Click Here. Next you will see a QR code.
  •  Now open WhatsApp on your phone. Click on the menu on top right.
  • Click on Whatsapp web in the menu section. A scanner will open. Scan the QR code on your laptop or PC screen.
  • After the successful scan your WhatsApp account will be opened in your browser. You can do everything from chatting with friends to sending downloading files from WhatsApp chats.

Alternatively, If you do not want to use web browser to run whatsapp, you can download desktop version for your Windows or Mac PC/Laptops too. Click here to download desktop version of WhatsApp.

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