How much Whatsapp Call is going to Cost you?

Whatsapp call feature has arrived for most popular platforms, Android and iOS. Now people can call each other via Whatsapp call feature anywhere in the world for free. But is it really free? Well theoritically, Yes it is free but internet you are using is not. Whatsapp uses data connection or WiFi network connection to make calls. If you’re using mobile data connection, then you know that your data is being used when you make whatsapp calls. Even if we take an example of a coffee shop where WiFi is free to use but probably you are paying for overpriced lattes or cappuccinos that you are sipping.

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How much does Whatsapp call really going to cost us?

That is the reason why we’re writing this post. We’re going to calculate how much does a call made from Whatsapp is going to cost us. There are various apps available on google playstore that you can use like Data Monitor. Also, android has now an inbuilt feature that measures and shows how much data has been used by each app on your device.

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Find actual dollar figure of using WhatsApp voice calls
Using Whatsapp call only on WiFi does makes sense

We used these tools and made few calls to determine how much data is used by Whatsapp when we use call feature. But we’ll not be discussing here how much i’ve been charged for using my data plan for whatsapp call as every data plan is different. But yes, we’ll give you an idea about how much data does it consumes when we make calls. Also we’re going to figure out which calls are economically better – Traditional Calls or Whatsapp Calls.

Results :

Well, after testing it using My Nexus 5 device on Vodafone netwtork, we made a call that lasted for around 3 minutes. According to Data Monitor, whatsapp call use aroung one minute call consumed aroung an average of 1.2MB/minute and according to Android System data usage was even low at 1000KB/minute.

Amount of data used to make 1-minute call which is 1000KB or 1MB is definitely not something we would want. There is no way we would be using WhatsApp calling to replace our traditional voice calling at these data rates as it’ll cost us too high. You can calculate the per minute call rate by determining total cost of your 1GB or 2GB data plan. But If you use WhatsApp calling via Wi-Fi connections then there’s no reason of not making use of the service.

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How you can measure Whatsapp Call Data Usage ?

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