How is Telegram Better than Whatsapp?

Everyone in the world knows about Whatsapp, so there is no need to elucidate that. Telegram, on the other hand, is not as popular as Whatsapp is. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less than Whatsapp. It is even better than Whatsapp. Disagree?

Telegram App is a fast, secure, powerful and free app that every users should use. Whatsapp is changing frequently and developing some new and unique features. After that, there are some emptiness in Whatsapp messenger. Here are a few reasons why Telegram is better than facebook owned-Whatsapp messenger and you should start using it right now.

1 Secret Chat

Telegram’s “secret chat” feature lets you have a conversation with end-to-end encryption among other security options. There are notifications for screenshots taken and you can’t forward a message from a secret chat. You can also set a self-destruct timer, which will destruct your messages after a specified time. If you are looking for a secure messaging experience, Secret chat has got you covered.

2 Share different file types up to 1.5 GB

WhatsApp recently included ability to send PDF files but that is no match to Telegram’s file sharing abilities. You can almost any file types including documents, zip, PDF etc. on Telegram along with the usual media files. Also, you can send files up to 1.5 GB, unlike WhatsApp, where you can share files up to a meagre 160 MB.

3 Multi-device access

Thanks to its cloud based sync feature, Telegram supports multi-device sessions, so you can start chatting on one device and continue it on another. All the messages too are synced between devices in real time, so it’s quick and efficient. You can even check your active sessions in the app to know the devices in which your Telegram account might be active.

4 Cloud Storage

Telegram has Cloud Storage; So, all your texts, images, files get saved to the Cloud. This means you can log out and log in any number of times from any number of devices simultaneously without losing any data. Moreover, you get to know the devices in which it is currently being used. So, you don’t need to worry about backup and restore. This also ensures that you can download any file, any number of times.

5 Group capacity

A normal group capacity in Telegram is 200. But when this is reached the Group transforms to a Super Group with capacity of 5000. (A Super Group has some more features than a Normal Group)

6 Channel

A Channel is something where there is no limit on the Number of Members. The Creator can decide who can post to a Channel (administrators) and other Members can merely view the posts. You can create a Channel with only you as the member. This can be used to do many interesting activities such as storing web links, etc.

7 Telegram Bots

Telegram Bots are basically Telegram accounts created to do certain tasks. Every bot comes with its own set of commands and features. For instance, the @Pollbot can be used to create polls in groups, @Storebot comes in handy if you want to search for more cool bots. There are tons of different & useful bots available on Telegram bot store or you can search for bots directly from the app as well.

8 Disappearing Media

With Telegram 4.2 we have completely redesigned our photo editing tools, and it takes you even fewer taps to make your photos look amazing. In addition, you can now set a self-destruct timer for any photos and videos you share in private chats.

9 Gift and Stickers

Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram supports stickers. The app lets you create your very own stickers through the @Stickers bot. You can preview and choose from different stickers available through third party websites, Reddit threads or even a third party app.

10 Quality of image

Telegram allows user to choose whether to compress the image or video or send it uncompressed. There can be instances where compression is undesirable.

11 Lock chats and Ability to hide last seen for particular contact

The ability to hide last seen in Telegram is very similar to WhatsApp’s implementation but there’s a little twist. Telegram lets you hide last seen for particular contacts. So, instead of hiding your last seen for everybody, you can simply hide it from a single contact or more. Also, you can lock your chats on Telegram with the passcode feature, so that no one else reads your personal messages.

12 Faster Than The Rest

Telegram delivers messages faster than any other application. How? Well, it uses a unique decentralized network, with data centres spread all around the globe, to connect people to the closest possible server.

13 Telegram Support Force

It is a group of volunteers around the world that help Telegram Users to solve their grievances. (The Support is accessible through app.)

14 Edit Messages and Mention People

Ever wanted to edit the message you just sent? Well, bid adieu to typos, as Telegram now lets you edit sent messages. You can simply press hold on a message you have sent and hit the “edit” icon to start editing the text. The edited messages will have an edited banner on them. Moreover, Telegram now lets you mention people in groups, so you’ll get a notification if someone mentions you in a group even if you have muted that group.

As you might have noticed, WhatsApp is now catching up with Telegram in most of the categories and Telegram’s low user base isn’t helping the app’s cause either. Telegram users have been able to do so many things WhatsApp users only dream about. Take the case of GIFs; WhatsApp has just gotten wise to it and started playing them natively. Telegram users have been using these for a long time and they render way better.

To sum things up, it’s clear that if we consider each and every feature and compare it with these two Messengers then Telegram is the one that will have more points.

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