(*HOT*)How To Hide Whatsapp Group Without Leaving

Hide Whatsapp Group Without Leaving 2017

Trick to hide WhatsApp group without leaving or spamming the group!!!

How To Hide Whatsapp Group

Guys, Today we are back to a new guide regarding WhatsApp group. We have seen a vital issue in our daily life. For events, discussion and school or college batch we face lots of groups to maintain friendship or enthusiasm between us. It is healthy for a couple of days.But after that, it becomes a headache in our daily life. We always try to find out a sweet process to get rid of from that groups, but when you leave the groups, the members of that groups may take a wrong impression on you if these are needy groups. That is why – We have created the smartest way to disable Whatsapp Group Without Leaving the groups.

Why Is It Necessary To Hide A Whatsapp Group?

In Practical life, We have seen in morning or evening, have been added thousands of unwanted or severe group for different purposes. We can quickly leave those groups which are spamming but for a strict team if its discussion disturbs you, can’t leave due to its importance, urgency or momentousness. The best and only one solution for that – Hide Whatsapp Group.

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Steps To Disable WhatsApp group permanently : 

Well, To be honest, this guide will work only on the gbwhatsapp app which you have to download from our website. Ok just follow the steps given below to indispose WhatsApp group from the list.

  • First of all, Download the advanced WhatsApp apk file from the below link.


  • Install Or register with your whats app recorded phone number

The main trick begins now… There you go……

I have created a demo group for introducing the method how to hide WhatsApp group. So Let’s see and implement the plan for your purposes.

  1.  Tap the group name which you want to disable or hide from your chat screen. See the below image for reference.
Hide Whatsapp Group

2. Now Mute the notification for one year on clicking of the cross sound button.

mute whatsapp grp

3. Again tab on the group’s name and click on the three-dot symbol in the top-right corner.

hide grp whatsapp

4. You will see a pop-up window just like the below image and click on the “Hide” option.


5. Now set a password for hiding the group from your screen. Even you can set a different password for different groups for hiding information.

6. The group has been hidden successfully without any issues. Now it is time to see where it is hidden? How cool is this?

7. Open the app and tab on the logo of “WhatsApp” written on the Home Screen.

See whatsapp hidden grp

8. Enter password set in step 5 & It will redirect you to a new window containing your group names.

can you hide whatsapp group

9. Even You can bring back to those groups on the home screen just touching on “Mark Chat As Visible” option.

how to hide whatsapp group on android

Conclusion about Hiding Whatsapp Group:

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