Hide Blue Check Marks From WhatsApp Messenger On iPhone Or Android

The instant messaging and media sharing giant, WhatsApp Messenger recently updated their application, with a new and not so much wanted feature. What looks like a double blue-check mark is now visible whenever you send any text message to one of your friends on Whatsapp. According to WhatsApp, the blue check mark indicates that the other person has definitely read the message. Well, not many people are happy with the update. People have already been hiding their last seen timestamps to prevent others from knowing their activity status, and the blue check mark only makes things worst for them. Never mind, in case you are an iPhone or Android user, here are some easy ways on how you can simply hide blue check marks or read receipts from WhatsApp Messenger instantly and hide your activity status from your friends. That’s right. This means, whenever you send any message or receive any message on WhatsApp, the other person will not receive a blue check mark, which will still mean that you haven’t seen that message. So simply follow the following tutorial below.

whatsapp blue check marks

Hide Blue Check Marks From WhatsApp Messenger On iPhone Or Android

NOTE: The following tutorial is only for iPhone and Android users who recently updated to the latest version of WhatsApp Messenger, thus inviting blue check marks as well. Please make sure to take a complete backup of your device before proceeding with the tutorial, just in case anything goes woo hoo !

  • DISABLING DATA [Works on iPhone and Android]

The easiest way, however not a sure shot way to hide blue check marks or read receipts on iPhone or Android is to disable the data on your device whenever you receive any message. Let’s suppose you receive a Whatsapp notification on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Now, DO NOT hit the notification in any circumstances, or the grey check marks on the device of person sending you the message will turn blue immediately. That’s right. The best way will be to first disable the Cellular Data, and the WiFi of your device, or better simply put it to AirPlane mode first and then launch WhatsApp and that message will still be there and readable. Once you read the message, exit WhatsApp application, and also close it from running in the background as well. Now it’s safe to turn the data on your device on. You can simply switch off the AirPlane mode and the check marks on senders end will still be grey instead of blue. Fair enough, eh?


Another method for those who want a permanent relief from Blue check marks on WhatsApp is to remove the WhatsApp application off your device. That’s right. Simply uninstall it, and remove all files and folders under the WhatsApp folder using the file manager on your device. Once you remove the WhatsApp folder, you can download the previous version of download, not from the Google Play store, but externally in .APK format. You can download the previous version of WhatsApp Messenger for Android in .APK format from the link below.


Once you download and install the version, you can simply disable auto-update of apps from the Settings page. That’s it. No more hassles with the blue check marks or read receipts. Keep your secrets as secrets for as long as you want to. Have fun!

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