Hey there! WhatsApp is abusing us

What’s the most frequently asked question by Indian guys? It’s an obvious one after “Achhe Din kab Aayenge?” It is “Hey are you on WhatsApp?” to which the reply is “Hey there! I am using WhatsApp.” We Indians are so stuck texting on WhatsApp that we just ask for numbers to text (and not call!). So here it is! WhatsApp is back again with an update! Whatsapp’s new feature update which allows deleting sent messages from receivers’ phones is driving people insane. #GOPAGAL The Delete Message update feature has 3 options : A. Delete for Me – will delete the message from your phone B. Cancel – send you back to the chat window C. Delete for Everyone – will delete the message from everyone’s phone But here comes the “avid punch” to the story. This update has a time limit. Yes, it has a limitation of 7 minutes. You can only delete the message within 7 minutes of sending it. If you try to delete it after 7 minutes, the “option C”(as mentioned above) won’t be available. Thus, Nothing worth having comes easy. #PRICETOBEPAID Well, here are some of the boon and bane related to the new update feature. Let’s check out what benefits and drawbacks it holds for the WhatsApp Users : 1. For all the Flirts and Casanovas out there now you don’t have to worry if you type the girls’ name wrong while texting another girl. You still have 7 mins boy ! Revoke it now! #THUGLIFE

2. The minute the Girl says “I Love You” screenshot it and send it to your friends, before she says ” but as a friend”. Because your running out of time bro, and will be friendzoned. #TIMESTARTSNOW

3. All BOSSES are the same – Rude and Annoying! Well, now you can potray your anger and hatred towards him, in your office group by cursing him(giving gaali). But mind you be fast enough to delete that message, because if he reads it before you delete it, “oh you are so screwed man!” You have got to be faster than the speed of light to delete that message. #THEFLASH

4. Being in a WhatsApp Family Group can be dreadful sometimes. Who am I kidding everyone knows it, right?! God forbid you send something inappropriate on the group, which your parents too can see, you are so dead (until now).Been there, done that! But now you have those 7 Golden Minutes to escape that awkward situation. #TIMEISPRECIOUS

5. Now you don’t have to worry about sharing gossips in the wrong group. You have 7 minutes to undo your “hot new gossip” text and send it to the right group. (Similar to sending the screenshot of the conversation to the same person)#GOSSIPDONERIGHT

6. Remember those irritating forwards or the forwards which come with a disclaimer :”if you don’t send it to 10 groups you’ll face bad luck! ” Ya right! You really think I care? Guess what you send that on the group you’ll be superscrewed by the admin and the members of the group for being that abnoxious culprit, as you cannot delete such a message even in those 7 minutes. Caught you red-handed!#BEINGSHERLOCK

7. Broke Up with someone? He’s now your ex. You can always Drunk-Dial an ex. But never, mind you never Drunk-text him on WhatsApp on the night of your hangover, as you’ll lose those 7 Golden Minutes of revoking that message, as by the time you are up it’s going to be the next morning! #WHYTHISKOLAVERIDI

Life doesn’t give us many chances to undo our mistakes. We can’t rework on them neither can we change them, nor can we correct them from the past. But, we can now erase or delete them from WhatsApp though! “Ctrl+Alt+Del ” #DONERIGHT WhatsApp has given us this chance to revoke those messages which we regret sending to someone though within a timeframe of 7 minutes. So let’s make less mistakes in Life and WhatsApp and be more responsible! #HAPPYWHATSAPPING

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