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hack whatsapp

How to hack whatsapp and Catch Your Significant Other Cheating. This how to will show you the easiest way to accomplish this task. During these recent years whatsapp has become the most popular messaging application used by everyone. Its appealing features such as media sharing and cross-platform support have made whatsapp to be the top choice chat application used on most mobile phones.  And on the flip side, whatsapp has turned out to be the most favored app for cheaters to use in exchanging secret messages and keep dishonest relationships.

Thus, it has become important to keep and eye or hack whatsapp messages.  It will enable you to know the truth about your relationships or ever your children’s activities online.  Win Spy will enable you to spy on WhatsApp without anyone knowing about it.

Earlier it was not simple to hack WhatsApp account, but with the changing time you can easily hack whatapp on platforms such as iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry. You can simply hack whatsapp account and know all the secret messages, photos, and videos shared there.  Let’s get to know few of the effective ways you can spy the targeted person’s WhatsApp messages.

1# Use Spy Software: The easy means to spy or hack WhatApp messages is to use win spy  software. Though few companies are marketing WhatsApp spy programs in the market, but still few real software products are available that are valuable and considerable too. Win Spy Software stands as the most favored software for hacking WhatsApp that is popular for its excellent features and best quality production.

Win Spy allows you to see all the conversations taken place on WhatsApp of the targeted smartphone. With the help of Win Spy, you can notice all the chat conversations on WhatsApp; effortlessly find the numbers and names of the people the targeted person has been chatting with for a long time; acquire date and time to know when every chat has taken place; and obtain approach to any audio files, photos, or videos sent via WhatsApp and saved on target mobile phone. Even the WhatsApp talks uploaded on your Win Spy control panel can be accessed by you from any place with the aid of internet.  

2# Worthy features of Win Spy: Few interesting features of Win Spy makes it ideal for hacking WhatsApp messages. Win Spy software operates by tracking all the important activities in the backdrop of monitored mobile phone covering web history, GPS location, emails, images, videos, keystrokes,  WhatsApp, etc.

One can spy on WhatsApp chats and messages. They can spy on Group WhatsApp messages. One can also spy on WhatsApp contacts, WhatsApp calls, WhatsApp video and image sharing, and other internet activities such as on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Viber Spy.

3# Spoof the MAC Address: Spoofing the MAC address of targeted mobile from your phone is yet another way to do spying on other’s WhatsApp messages. This process is hard and needs some amount of technical proficiencies to execute. WhatsApp has little exposure of letting you operate same WhatsApp accounts on 2 mobiles endowed with same MAC address. This you have to acquire approach on the targeted mobile phone for recording its MAC address and further spoofing the same on your mobile. For the respective mobile phones, you can acquire MAC address of the targeted mobile phone.

For iPhone: go to Setting>General>About>WiFi address

For Android: go to Setting>About phone>Status>WiFi MAC address

For Windows Phone: go to Settings>About>More information>MAC address

For Blackberry: Go to Options>Device>Device and Status info>WLAN MAC

4# Catch the WhatsApp notification on Android: For the Android developers, another way of spying on some other person’s WhatsApp messages is writing an app, and further catching WhatsApp notification that includes WhatsApp messages only.

5# Hacking database WhatsApp messages for ROOT appliance: You can also acquire database WhatsApp app of the targeted mobile phone in order to spy on any targeted person’s WhatsApp messages. This way is quite tough and needs technical skills to execute it. For utilizing Root Explorer to acquire database Whatsapp app, your database name is: msgstore.db, and path: /data/data/com.whatsapp/databases.

hack whatsapp

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