Guide to How to Send Voice Messages in Whatsapp

Whatsapp is the most successful Instant Messenger on the Smartphone Platform and naturally we at SwapMyApp have covered different tips and tricks on Whatsapp over and over again. If you have missed our previous tips and tricks on Whatsapp now would be a good time just to recap with our article Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Whatsapp.

Learn How to Send Voice Messages in Whatsapp

It is needless to say that whatsapp has actually acted as the disruptive media against SMS (Text-Messages) available on our smartphone. In spite of that to be very honest we still think that Whatsapp can do a lot with its media sending capabilities. For example we really hated the restriction of number of pictures that can be sent at a time. If you hate this feature as much you might want to check out our guide to send unlimited pictures on whatsapp. But somewhere a Viber or Line really scores over Whatsapp is the fact that the later is not equipped with VOIP facilities. So, in this article we look for the closest alternative possible in Whatsapp and discuss in details how to send voice messages in Whatsapp from your Android or iPhone.


Voice messaging feature has been part of WhatsApp for quite a while now and we will help you to understand that it can be used by you. Just follow the steps mentioned below and you wont have to type again while chatting with your peeps over WhatsApp.



Tap the small icon available on the right hand side, besides the space (textbox) where you enter the text to chat.


How to Send Voice Messages in Whatsapp

Tap that icon and hold on to it. You will observe that it will immediately start recording your voice.


If you said something wrong and you want to discard that recording then just swipe your finger (the one which was holding that Microphone icon to record the message) to the left.


However, if the recorded message is fine and you want that to be sent, then just release that button. The recorded message will be sent to the other side.

This feature is really good, because with the help of a single hold and tap you are able to send messages. We understand that you may not feel comfortable while using this message with everyone

but again this feature save your time chatting with the closest friends. We are sure that you will not encounter any

problem while using this feature but still if you have query then do let us know about it.

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