[Guide] How to Install and Activate WhatsApp on Nexus 7 Without SIM and Rooting

If you are a WhatsApp messaging app fan and like to have it on your Nexus 7 tablet, then I’m sure you will struggle to install it. The famous cross platform instant messaging app for smart phones doesn’t support tablets. Officially it can’t be installed on Google Nexus 7 2012 or 2013 models by Google Play store. This guide shows you how to install WhatsApp on Nexus 7 without SIM or rooting and activate it, so you can use it as using it in smartphone.  Also, since Nexus 7 tablet can’t receive activation SMS, we need to use alternate method to activate WhatsApp on Nexus 7.

By using this method (without rooting) WhatsApp will not synchronize with your other devices and contacts. So, it will look like a fresh installation and you need to create contacts manually to be able to use.

1) A phone which can receive SMS

How to Install WhatsApp on Nexus 7 2012 or 2013 models

2) Open the following URL from your Nexus 7 tablet, it will take you to download official APK of WhatsApp (The URL is case sensitive).

Download APK
whatsapp on nexus 7

How To Activate WhatsApp On Nexus 7

6) You should have working internet connection in your Nexus 7. During the activation process, it may detect your country and country code automatically. You should enter the phone number which is near you and ready to receive activation SMS code.

7) On next screen, it will try to receive SMS and activate automatically, but it will not work.

Wait for some time to see verification error message. By this time you should have received the verification SMS on your phone. Enter those 6 digits verification code as shown below.

If you are a fan of Talkray app, another famous instant messaging and calling app, read this guide about how to install it on PC.

working whatsapp

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