Google Allo Vs Whatsapp/Viber

Google Allo

I must say this first that Allo is a new application so it is hard to compare with other messaging applications like whatsapp,viber, hangout. Another important fact is that we are very much used to these messaging apps so switching to a new apps is also an issue. I must say, I love Allo more than hangout. However, lets make a comparison between conventional apps and Google Allo. Google Allo has the same features that of Whatsapp, viber like image sharing, video,voice recording and stickers yet there are lot of differences. Let me start by giving a big point to Allo. You got to love Google Assistant. Its fast, its useful and its fun to use it. Google made it almost like a personal assistant, you know, like you ask something to your assistant and you get the answer. Except in this case, the whole Google search is your assistant.


No other application has this, so on other apps you have to go to browser and search and then paste the link while on Allo, you can easily get the results. Also you can see the tick mark which shows in details when the message has been delivered, it will even show when its read by the other party. This is common in whatsapp. What Allo is missing is, it doesn’t show if the other person is available for chat or when he/she was online. I like the search chat on Allo. It works fine. If you remember talking about something with the other party, you can find that conversation by using search chat. Although, whatsapp has this features but viber doesn’t have this.


These days i am enjoying playing games on viber. Though the games are kind of separate from viber still, i get to enjoy playing with other viber players. Allo and whatsapp are yet to have gaming in their application. Let me give another solid point to Allo. The artificial intelligence that presents he smart reply is also great. The best part is, the artificial intelligence (smart reply) will gradually learn your chatting style and prepare the smart reply accordingly. This is totally unique. The incognition mood of Allo is totally unbeatable. Yes, Whatsapp has encryption but Allo offers the feature where the chat history is not only encrypted but also will disappear automatically as soon as you finish the conversation. Well, may be its just me that the stickers of Allo is not so catchy to me. I like the viber ones. They are bit mild hence i like them more. Furthermore, i wish Allo showed contacts which are online and which are offline. Currently, there is no such feature. What really is missing from Allo is voice and video call feature. Only viber has the option of video call and hence its very useful to me. Registration system in Allo is very easy as you are using it on Android. All you need to do is to allow the app to use the Google account that your phone is using. Although the security is tight, verification system could come handy. But to be honest, i prefer not to go through those process. What i wish is, Allo to have desktop application. I believe, Google added the assistant so that people do not need to use desktop to search as they can easily do it using Allo, so that works too. I will again say, its too early to judge Allo. I am sure Google will be adding the features of video call/voice call soon. Well, what is more important for consumers is the apps are going all out against eachother and we get to enjoy the features in the process.

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