Goodbye Messages To Colleagues

Your colleague is about to go and you want to wish them luck? It is always a good idea to big goodbye to colleagues along with blessings so that they go with a smile on their face and take good memories in their heart.

Colleagues hold a special place in one’s life. They work with you, see you grow and see your struggles. They help you in low and party with you in high-on-life times. Colleagues are the professional friends who are there with you all through your professional life phases. Therefore, it is really important that you big them goodbye by sending our cheerful messages. Because, inside somewhere, even the one who is going is sad to leave and go to a new place.

You can also give them a souvenir which will always remind your colleagues of good times he or she had spent with you.

Below are some of the best goodbye messages for colleagues! Check them out:


Goodbye Messages For Colleagues:

Wishing you much joy, love and happiness as you embark upon your new career path. Goodbye!


You may leave this place but your legacy remains as is. Good luck for future endeavours.


Farewell to you, although my eyes may not weep and cry but my heart is crying out loud to let you go far from us. Be as you are. Goodbye.


As you decided to move to a better land, you leave an empty void in our hearts and this place which shall remember your great personality. All the best.


You have a long way to go as the world out there welcomes you with open arms to take you to newer heights. Goodbye!


Working with you has been a blast and always cheerful. Never a dull moment. Goodbye.


Its only a departing handshake. Although you will be dearly missed and hope to see you again. Farewell my friend.


Don’t be sad because you are leaving. Instead be happy as you take back memories with you to cherish forever. All the best.


Its time to say goodbye to the most happening person on the team area and I’m sure the team will miss you as much as they liked you. Cheers to our bonding till now. Goodbye.


A big episode of your professional life has ended and a new one awaits you with warmth and happiness.


You were great during coffee-breaks and lunch breaks as well. We will surely miss you.


You embarked on all professional endeavours with full valor and motivation. Now is the time to rejoice and prepare for your next endeavour as you leave us.


You’ve been great. Working with you was a pleasure. A great learning experience too. Good luck and godspeed.


We only part at work but in life we remain as good friends as we are today. Happy Life ahead.


You may not be here now but your attitude and commitment towards work will surely be missed.


We wish this farewell is temporary and we shall meet soon again.


We wish you great authorship of your new book i.e. your new job. Write a good one again like this here.


Now that you leave, I’ll have to actually work for the time we liked to waste here. Goodbye friend.


Go where no one has gone and do what others haven’t done. You may end up being a better person always.

Heartfelt Farewell Messages For Colleagues:


Accept my best and sincere wishes as you start a new phase of your career.

To say goodbye to you is so hard which means I am going to lose something very important in my life. Farewell friend and Godspeed.

With you even the late night works seemed so cheering. You were always our energizer. Good luck and best wishes for your new phase of life.

I wish each and every one of you the best of my wishes in all of your future endeavours.

Its difficult to see you go from this office. In your absence this office is going to be subdued. Farewell & Goodbye

I am lucky to have worked with you. I admit I have learnt a lot from you all. Cheer to our time here.

Goodbye. Keep in touch. I’ll miss the times we spent here together.

Your employment here may finish but your presence here will never diminish. Goodbye.

We never had Monday morning blues because of fun colleagues like you. Goodbye.


Your cabin will remain empty until another boss arrives but your place in our hearts will always remain void. Good luck.

With you gone I’ll have to deal with everyone here and I shall remember all the pranks we did together with the team. Goodbye dear!

Thanks for being the friend, mentor, leader, motivator, colleague like never been before. You will be surely missed.

With you leaving you leave your cheerful memories with us and the moments we shared together in our careers. Goodbye.

Hope you liked these heartfelt goodbye messages for colleagues. Feel free to send them to you colleague who is leaving the place and going away. You can use traditional means to send this messages like greeting cards, letters or you can send it on phone using whatsapp, or on web using social media. Stay connected with us for more!

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