Girl Leaves Family WhatsApp Group With A Grand Message And Now Everyone’s Planning The Same

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app there is in the world right now and after scolding us endless times for staying glued to our phones, parents have joined the fad too, to connect with their long lost friends and relatives.

But all of us hate the family WhatsApp groups which we are added to against our will and are caught in an eternal dilemma between leaving said group and ‘Mummy ke muhbole bhai ke bete ka rishtedaar kya sochega‘. We dread the sexist jokes and hoax news posted in the group but have no choice but…to suffer in silence.

However, a girl, Namaah, gathered the courage to finally leave her family WhatsApp group and posted a savage message in the group before leaving it. She shared her happiness on Twitter with a screenshot of her message.

In today’s personal victory, I quit my extended-family WhatsApp group. I cannot fully express the relief I feel.

— Namaah (@The_HappyNoodle) October 11, 2017

The message reads:

Tweeple shared her emotion, and lauded her for her bold move, saying that they would also like to do the same with their respective WhatsApp groups.

1. So proud!

This takes Courage. I’m proud of you.

— R o g u i s h (@RoguishOfficial) October 11, 2017

2. Can I use it too?

Thank you for the courage.Permission to use this as a template for my own exit (if I ever manage it?)

— Aakriti Anand (@itirkaa1105) October 11, 2017

3. #LifeGoals

Dude! I just added “Express yourself as well as Namaah does” to #LifeGoals

— Kanwar Sodhi (@AnaabShanaab) October 11, 2017

4. Some shared stories of their own.

My extended family whatsapp was similar. I used @SMHoaxSlayer plus a healthy dose of @IndianExpress. Random news sharing has almost stopped.

— Saurabh Kumar (@ineptikus) October 12, 2017

5. That was awesome!

I did this few days ago and life is so peaceful I tell you. ??❤️?

— Sabita Chanda (@itsmesabita) October 11, 2017

6. That’s true though! Good luck with that.

Good luck with this not being seen as rude. I am still vilified by my extended family for declaring myself an atheist ?

— Prashant (@pcytotoxic) October 11, 2017

7. Here’s to a peaceful WhatsApp!

YAS. ?????Did the same to a lot of groups myself (for reasons these and others) and my whatsapp is a lot less stressful now.

— Mahwash Ajaz (@mahwashajaz_) October 12, 2017

8. I would have done the same. TBH!

Fantastic! *throws confetti on you*

— JD (@JediKhare) October 11, 2017

9. LOL!

If I write so much before I exit.. they will add me back & ask the meaning :/

— Saaj (@SaajJain) October 11, 2017

10. Well, that’s another technique

Nice! I wanted to exit from such grps too. But I took another path. I just rebutted each insensitive post, now, none share such things. ?

— Priyabrata Tripathy (@PriyabrataT) October 12, 2017

11. That’s a helluva story!

I quit. They annoying admin (cousin) added me again. I quit again. He added me again. I quit and blocked him and all other admins. I fear attending weddings now.

— KayKay (@blanketchor) October 12, 2017

Go ahead take some inspiration from her and leave that WhatsApp group with as eloquent a post as you can manage. But, don’t blame us if they add you back.

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