Get WhatsApp Notifications on Windows 10 Action Center with WhatsWrapp

WhatsApp Web recently rolled out support for Microsoft Edge on Windows 10, and though it comes with Notification support (on the browser), the integration with Action center is kind of missing. Its obvious because it isn’t an App.

Now, there is is this app named as “WhatsWrapp” which gets this WhatsApp notifications into your Windows 10 action centre. It’s simply a web wrapper but since it has been built as an app, it brings the Windows 10 Notification center support. It works nicely, with just one drawback. You cannot keep the app closed, and still get the notification.

WhatsApp Webwrapp Notification Windows 10

This does defeats the purpose, but thats the closes thing to Action center notification you have right now. Here is the Official Feature List:

  • Web wrapper for WhatsApp.
  • Live tile with unread messages and chat counts.
  • Toast notification with unread messages and chat counts when app is in background.
  • Shows unread messages in action centre

Before you start using it, you will scan the QR code just like you would have done on any web browser after typing, and when you are using it here, you cannot use it anywhere else. The standard rules apply. That said few things I would like to see coming future update. One will be option to change font size, and hide to tray, and option to load on system start-up.

Download WhatsWrapp from the Windows Store.

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