Get hike messenger stickers on WhatsApp and Facebook messenger

WhatsApp we know what it meant to us now a day ?  We are so much addicted to messenger now a day that it becoming impossible to get apart from our cell phone or laptops for a minute.

As per survey shows per day on an average 30 billion message are sent that means on an average every single user of WhatsApp send 40-50 message per day. Same scenario with Facebook messenger.

There are lot of messenger available in market like we chat, Hike, Telegram etc but they are not be able to make there ways to capture market like WhatsApp. In india especially you will find WhatsApp on every smartphone for sure. As time are running out choices of people are changing rapidly. Many user want some new features so they are shifting to new messenger.

Hike is one of popular messenger. It is loved mostly by its messenger sticker. You will find lot of sticker on Hike messenger. They are specifically made for region, theme or emotion wise. Sticker are popular among youth. We are lazy even to type so we are sending stickers. ? Hopefully you’ll be super lazy like me if i am not wrong. Hike do have all the features of status, DP & all like WhatsApp. Even you get much more features like sending any file by Hike like PPT’s, Doc which are not available in WhatsApp.

So here is step by step guide on How to get hike messenger stickers on WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.

1. Open Hike messenger or download it if you don’t have.
stickers for messenger
2. click on setting option.
Hike Messenger sticker
3. Click on Stickey option.
Messenger stickers
4. The new page will appear asking about in which messenger you want to use Hike stickers option. (Currently it is available for WhatsApp and Facebook only) Check the box which you want.
Messenger sticker

Now it is all set for you when ever you will open WhatsApp or Facebook messenger you will be able to use Hike sticker in your chats.

5. When ever you will open the App the round hike symbol will show up on either side of screen.
Messenger sticker for whatsapp
messenger sticker
6. When you will click on Hike icon the pop up box will appear on your screen. With that you can easily insert any sticker of your choice in your chat & put your friend on shock!!!
sticker for messenger
Messenger sticker for facebook
Now you are all set to use Messenger sticker in your WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

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