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Online phone numbers are very useful today not for just free VoIP Calls or Free texts but these days they’re also used for creating Phone verified accounts (PVAs) of different useful services such as Google voice, YouTube, Facebook, Craigslist, and many others.

How to Get US Numbers to create PVAs and Google Voice Account

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Previously Services Like Pinger or Textfree, was used for phone verification and creating Google voice accounts.

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but they no longer work today and therefor instead of US Numbers many websites are actually selling PVAs and they are very expensive.


Here is my new method to get free US numbers and Creating Google voice account This method is not complicated as Using Ipkall or other SIP Phone Numbers

The method consists on very easy 3 Steps


  • A smartphone or Tablet
  • A PC or Laptop (Optional > this will make process a much easy)

Step 1)

  • Download HeyWire app from PlayStore
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  • Register to get Free US number

This Number can be used To verify Gmail account but This is not a safe method of creating PVAs and Google voice account cannot be created using HeyWire

Step 2)

  • Create an account on SendHub by using HeyWire Number.
  • You will receive a verification code on your HeyWire number Use that code to Verify SendHub account

and after Verification You will Get another US number HeyWire is Very good service for Receiving or Sending Free Texts, Making free Calls to US Or Canadian Number and also Very good for Receiving Calls Using SendHub app SendHub app receives Voice Calls from Google Very well and therefor we can use it for creating Google voice Account So download and Install SendHub app and log into your SendHub account

Download From


Outside PlayStore

Step 3) To create a Google voice Account you need to change your IP address

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and You can do it By using Spotflux lite Chrome extension or By using Free VPN softwares like HotspotShield or Spotflux for PC

  • After changing your IP Address Sign up for Gmail account using SendHub Number and for verification Chose Voice call option.

Note: make sure that the SendHub tab of browser is closed and you’re logged into your SendHub account on your smartphone or tablet

  • Click Call me now

You will receive your verification Code In form of a Voice Call from Google

  • After Gmail account verification go to and request for a new number using your SendHub number
  • For verification click Call me now, and once again you will receive a voice call from Google but this time you have to enter the two digit verification code during the call
  • After verification you can search and select your Google voice Number

That’s it! 

Google Voice Account has been successfully Created.

Video Tutorial:

Watch on YouTube:


Watch on YouTube:

Note: Unlike Textfree (which doesn’t work now) Heywire Number can be Created Just One time so you can use heywire to create just one sendhub account and one Google voice account.

But if you are interested in Getting more Google voice accounts and SendHub Numbers to create PVAs without doing all that work again and again there is a very cheap service out there.

Get 5 Google Voice accounts and 5 SendHub Accounts


Get 10 HeyWire Numbers

and Create 10 SendHub and 10 Google Voice Numbers with these 10 HeyWire Numbers Easily Using Above Method and get total 30 USA Numbers for verify Any service available online.. Great Service eh!

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