Force logout WhatsApp web from Mobile App

WhatsApp Web is the newest cool stuff from the WhatsApp team which is a web browser based WhatsApp client. It lets you to access your WhatsApp account without the official WhatsApp installed or without a smartphone or a Tablet computer. So everything is great. But.. the strange thing is you cannot access WhatsApp Web without a smartphone with App installed (need to scan QR code through App), and also need to keep the phone online to keep web client live. So my question is why we really need this Web Client ??

How to Force logout WhatsApp Web

If you just forgot to logout your WhatsApp web on the browser, dont worry its pretty easy task to force logout WhatsApp web sessions from mobile App. Follow the steps, it works on all the platforms like Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia, etc. (Unfortunately WhatsApp web isn’t available for iOS users)

Open WhatsApp messenger App and open “Menu” > “WhatsApp Web” , Now it list all the currently active WhatsApp Web sessions you opened on different computers.

force logout whatsapp web

Now tap on the “Log out from all computers” option. This will instantly force logout WhatsApp Web sessions on the browsers.

Tip : Always uncheck the “Keep me signed in” option to automatic logout WhatsApp Web after several minutes of inactivity. It is more secure way to use WhatsApp Web on public and shared computers.

Logout WhatsApp Web after inactivity

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