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Previously, I have written the way to send blank messages in WhatsApp to prank your friends. Today I’m going to explain the best apps and online websites to create your own Fake WhatsApp Conversation. There are many mobile apps and websites on the internet to create Fake WhatsApp chats, but I have selected some of the best fake conversation makers for you. Using the following apps and websites, you may able to make fake WhatsApp chat screenshots that seem to be a real screenshot from the original WhatsApp.

Almost every Fake WhatsApp generators are allowed to add a custom WhatsApp contact name, messages, and profile pictures but only some Fake WhatsApp chat generators allow to add fake voice messages and some don’t. However, each fake conversation maker has its own set of features that make one better than the other.

Online Fake WhatsApp Conversion Maker (www.Fakewhats.com)

Do you like to create a Fake WhatsApp chat screenshot along with the text messages, images, profile pictures, online status, recipient name and other stuff? If yes, then the “Fakewhats” web app lets you generate your own WhatsApp conversation. The Fakewhats website is an online Fake WhatsApp Conversation Maker, with which you can quickly simulate very realistic WhatsApp chats. You can change anything including the timestamp of WhatsApp chat, recipient name, profile picture, online status, tick marks, etc. And the other good part of this Fakewhats online app is that you can create Fake WhatsApp chat screenshots from your desktop PC.

Even though this web app lets you create fake WhatsApp conversation screenshots using your Computer, you wouldn’t be able to create them without the Internet connection (Offline.) And the other disadvantage of this web app is that it allows users to create Fake screenshots similar to only the iPhone WhatsApp interface i.e., it doesn’t offer to make a screenshot similar to the Android WhatsApp interface.

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Fakewhats lets you add the following stuff to your Fake Screenshot

  • Text, emojis, and Images for your conversation.
  • Recipient name, Profile picture, online status.
  • Phone’s Battery level, Battery percentage, Time, Carrier name, and connection type (WiFi, 4G, or 3G.)
  • Message Status and timestamp

How To Make a Fake WhatsApp Conversation From PC

  1. Go to the Fakewhats website using your computer. (www.fakewhats.com)
  2. Click on the “WHATSAPP CHAT GENERATOR” button.  
  3. Enter the recipient name, phone clock, operator name, and other details in the proper fields, and upload a profile picture for the recipient in which you want to show in the Fake screenshot. 
  4. Click on the “Battery Option” tab and customize your battery level. Also, you can show or hide battery percentage through this section.  
  5. Now click on the “Connection” tab and personalize connection settings.  
  6. Then go to the “Message Section” by clicking on the “Message” tab, and add text and images for your Fake WhatsApp Screenshot. Once you added them, click on the “Add conversion” button. [you can also add timestamps and Message status tickmarks (sent, delivered, read) from the same window]  
  7. Finally, click on the “Download Image” button (Fake conversation screenshot will appear in new tab)  
  8. Right-click the image and select “Save Image” from the context menu.

That’s it. Your Fake WhatsApp conversation screenshot will be downloaded to your device. Then you can share it with your friends, family members, siblings, lovers or any others just for fun, joke or prank.

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Fake Conversation Maker Apps

As I mentioned above, you can find so many applications to make a Fake WhatsApp conversation, but I have listed some of the best applications to create a Fake WhatsApp conversation, with which you can easily simulate very realistic WhatsApp chats using your Mobile phone.

Yazzy: (Fake WhatsApp Messages Maker For Android)

Yazzy is a fantastic application to create Fake WhatsApp chat screenshots using your Android phone. As well as this app supports to create Fake screenshots for other instant messaging apps and services like Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Google search, Google Translate, etc. And this app is very simple to use and free. And you know that there are so many differences between the interface of iPhone WhatsApp and Android WhatsApp so that this app also lets you create a Fake screenshot from either of them.

In addition to that, this app not only allows you to create a Fake conversation screenshot of the personal WhatsApp chat but also you can make a Fake chat screenshot of a WhatsApp group conversation. Apart from this, you can also add a background image for your fake chat and, you may be able to customize status bar of your fake screenshot.

Create a Fake WhatsApp Chat Screenshot from Android

  1. Download and install Yazzy application from the Google Play Store to your phone.
  2. Open Yezzy application from the app drawer. 
  3. Select “New WhatsApp” from its main interface if you wish to create a fake screenshot of the personal WhatsApp conversation or choose “WhatsApp group” if you prefer to make a fake image of WhatsApp group chat. 
  4. In the next window, you can easily replace name and profile picture by proper elements. 
  5. After that, you can add sent/received text messages and images by tapping on the “+” button at the right bottom corner of the application.  
  6. Now tap the three-dot button at the top right corner of the app and customize background image and status bar if you prefer.  
  7. Once you completed all of the above processes, finally, tap on the “Save” button.

That’s it. Now your Fake WhatsApp chat image will be saved on your mobile, and now you can find the saved screenshot in the gallery app > downloads folder.

Pros and cons of the Yezzy application

  • Easy to use.
  • Able to create an unlimited number of the fake screenshot of WhatsApp chats without any limitations.
  • Option to remove the watermark.
  • Able to use in offline.
  • There is an option to select iPhone WhatsApp interface or Android WhatsApp interface.
  • There is no option to add Fake voice message or video thumbnail in the Fake screenshot.
  • It will be shown ads within the app.

Fake Chat Conversation app:

Fake Chat Conversation is another best application to make a Fake WhatsApp conversation screenshot using your Android phone. It is a Perfect application which you can fool your friend, family members by creating a fake WhatsApp message. It also lets you create fake WhatsApp screenshots without any differences between the original and fake. Using this Fake Chat Conversation app, the users will be able to make an unlimited number of fake WhatsApp messages for free. And It has a simple user interface and easy to use.


In addition to that, this app provides an option to create Fake WhatsApp group conversation screenshots besides personal conversation. And unlike other Fake chat generators, it also lets you add voice messages inside the fake WhatsApp chat to make it look more genuine and authentic.


And the other best part of this app is that you can simulate Fake screenshot of WhatsApp main screen as well. Apart from this, if you wish to make a fake screenshot of WhatsApp call, then this app also lets you do so.


Download Fake Chat Conversation app.

You can download Fake Chat Conversation app free from Google Play Store (Size around 6 MB.) It works on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and higher devices. If you prefer to download Fake Chat Conversation APK file, then you can use one of these free APK downloaders to get it for your Android phone.

Fake WhatsApp Chat App for iPhone

Are you an iPhone user? Have you ever wondered the way to create fake WhatsApp messages with your iPhone? Then, the WhatsFake iPhone application would be helpful for you. It is a free iPhone application. Using this fake conversation maker app, you can build the fake WhatsApp message screenshots as much as you want. It is available for Android as well. It will show ads within the app, but you can remove those ads by purchasing the premium version of the app.


Even though there are a bunch of application to make Fake WhatsApp messages, I have selected some of the best Fake WhatsAppp conversation makers for you. If you prefer to make a Fake WhatsApp conversation screenshot using your PC, or without using an app on your Mobile, then you can use Fakewhats online app. Once you created the Fake WhatsApp Chat, it lets you download that fake conversation as a PNG image File.

If you wish to build a Fake WhatsApp conversation using your Android phone, then I also recommend you to use Fake Chat Conversation because it is the best app to create FakeWhatsApp messages very much similar to WhatsApp. It also lets you add fake voice messages to your Fake conversation screenshot. Also, you can simulate Fake WhatsApp main screen with this conversation maker app. But it doesn’t offer users to create Fake conversation in iPhone WhatsApp interface.

The Yazzy is also an alternative app to Fake WhatsApp conversation app. It fulfills shortcoming of the Fake WhatsApp conversation app that you can create a Fake WhatsApp chat similar to the iPhone WhatsApp interface with the help of Yazzy. And if you are an iPhone fan, then you can use WhatsFake iPhone app or WhatsPrank app to do so.

Fake WhatsApp Conversation Maker (Best Apps & Online Websites)

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