Facetime Without Wifi

Facetime is an application that is already pre-installed in your Apple device. You can read more on Facetime and its application and a view the short animation in that article. With Facetime, there is no need to download or open any new account. As soon as you get your iPhone, iPad or any Apple device, you are as good to go with Facetime. Facetime application was first introduced in iPhone 4 back in the year 2010. Back then, Facetime can only be used with a Wifi connection. This limited the usage of Facetime as a video communication application. However, starting from iOS 6 and onwards, Facetime can be used through cellular networks such as 3G and LTE. In terms of devices, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPad third generation onwards supports the use of Facetime without Wifi. This means Facetime can be used through cellular data capability. Most of the network operator in the world support the video data transfer communication via Facetime. The data usage of Facetime is about three megabytes per minute. So, how you can use Facetime without Wifi? First of all, just open your Apple device. Go to the settings and choose Facetime. You can then turn on the Facetime button and choose the “Use your Apple ID for Facetime”. It will then request for your Apple ID and password. Your Apple ID is similar to the iTunes account that you have. Facetime will associate your ID with your phone number and also email address. The same goes with all your contacts. It will list down the email address of your contact in which you can choose to communicate via Facetime. Just make sure that the other person also have an Apple device that supports Facetime. And if you want to use cellular data in using Facetime, just make sure in the settings the cellular data is turned on. This will indicate that the Facetime application can also use Cellular data in addition to Wifi connection. If you want to know more about data usage on Facetime, you can read it on Facetime Data Usage here. In that article, it will give some info on whether using Facetime will use your data if Facetime is used without a wifi connection. You can also read on the cost of using data via Facetime by reading this article on does Facetime cost money?

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