Explore WhatsApp Clock Sign, Single Tick, Double Tick

WhatsApp is an instant messaging mobile app with 800 million active users(April 2015) currently owned by Facebook from February 19,2014.We will try to explore WhatsApp’s user interface a little bit deeper but before that we will go through actual working of WhatsApp which will help us understanding its service.

How WhatsApp Works?

WhatsApp follows a ‘store and forward’ mechanism for exchanging messages between two users. When a user sends a message, it firstly travels to the server of WhatsApp where the message is stored. Then server repeatedly requests the receiver to acknowledge receipt of the message. As soon as message is acknowledged, server drops the message which means it is no longer available in database of server. WhatsApp server keeps the message only for 30 days in its database when it is not delivered to receiver (when receiver is not active on WhatsApp for 30 days).

Explore WhatsApp with Clock Sign, Single Tick, Double Tick, Double Blue Tick

Picture Displaying Various WhatsApp Check Marks

Clock Sign or Icon

When we send a message, it sometimes displays a clock icon which means that the message is not sent to the server of WhatsApp from your mobile which may be due to internet connectivity issue or WhatsApp is waiting for enough internet bandwidth required to send your message to server.

Single Tick

When the message has reached the WhatsApp server (not receiver), it display a single tick in the user interface. In this, the message has travelled from your device to the server and at this point server is trying to send request to the receiver and waiting for acknowledgement of receipt of the message.

Double Tick

Now in this scenario, the message has reached the user’s device or mobile but it doesn’t mean that it is read by the receiver. Also server has deleted the message from its database after getting acknowledgement. This displays a double click tick on the sender’s device.

What Happens When Receiver has Read the Message?

It displays the blue double tick marks in user interface of sender’s device. We can see it as when double tick changes its colour to blue. It clarifies that message has been displayed on the receiver’s device and he/she might have read it. However there is feature which gives the power to receiver to Disable Blue Ticks marks which adds up little bit privacy for WhatsApp users.

So I hope it solves the mystery of various user interfaces confusions on your WhatsApp App.


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