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WhatsApp is such a multimedia messaging app where you can have a chat with your friends and dear ones from anywhere and any place. Also, apart from messaging, you can also start video calling and voice calling with WhatsApp. All you require is a secure internet connection. In our opinion, WhatsApp is the most comfortable social media app to talk and connect with your mates. But sometimes it happens like while texting, you tend to type errors which make it difficult to understand. Do you wish to edit the same message that you have to send and received? We hope that you really want to edit WhatsApp send & received messages.

  • Read Whatsapp Messages Without Opening Whatsapp

If you want such an app that can totally edit WhatsApp send and received messages then here we have an app for you. But make sure you use it efficiently at your own risk. Yes, the app is WhatsHack, this will totally help you to modify and edit WhatsApp messages. With the help of this app, you can control all the content in WhatsApp but you must root your phone to run this app. So, now you can play a prank with your friend and they will react like, ‘OMG, How and When have I send this message”.

How to Edit WhatsApp Send & Received Messages with WhatsHack?

With the help WhatsHack application, you can trick your friends by editing send and received messages of WhatsApp. This app will look after the messages that you had a conversation recently and will modify it. Apart from editing messages, even the time can be edited with the help of this app. Isn’t this app fun to use. However, you must remember to use this app only in  WhatsApp official site. If you found using in unofficial site then this app will never work out. Instead, it will keep on crashing and you will get discouraged by it. This app even works similar to the Shh WhatsApp app. Just like Shh WhatsApp can edit the last read messages without opening WhatsApp, even this WhatsHack app can do the same thing. It can edit send and received messages plus can read messages without opening WhatsApp.

Without rooting your Android device, this app called WhatsHack app will never work. Rooting your phone will give access to an unauthorized app. Hence, you must use this app at your own approval. Also, do remember to backup your messages after rooting your phone. So, before we proceed further, let me explain you the features of WhatsHack below. Make sure you read it till the end.

What are the Features of WhatsHack?

  • WhatsHack is a very user-friendly device with a simple layout.
  • Without any difficulty, one can easily edit and change the send and received messages of WhatsApp.
  • This app also helps to re-edit the time of messages that you got from the sender.
  • Even if you have a WhatsApp group then that messages can also be changed with the help of WhatsHack.
  • Just like Shh WhatsApp, you can read all the messages without coming online or without opening WhatsApp home page.
  • This is an amazing whtasApp message editor Apk to fool your friends around.

So, these are the features of the mind blowing WhatsHack app. Now as you know what are its important features lets us look forward to modifying WhatsApp send and receive messages.

Methods and Ways to Edit and Modify WhatsApp Send and Received Messages:

Below are the methods and ways to modify WhatsApp messages. Learn the step by step guide to entertaining your life with full of fun;

  • To edit and modify all your messages, first of all, make sure you have a secure data or Wi-Fi turn ON.
  • Now visit your WhatsApp icon and near the search option, you will find a small menu bar, click on it.
  • After clicking on the menu bar, you will see setting below, simply tap on the settings option.
  • You will be redirected to the next page and there you will see chats option. Just click on it.
  • Now you have reached to the end part, there you will be seeing Chat Backup. Click on the option given.
  • Easily tap on the BACKUP green button and see the results working.
  • Let the process takes place, wait for few minutes and you are done backing up.
  • Now download WhatsHack Apk by typing the name in the secured website. Type WhatsHack Apk in the search box. Google will provide you some results. Click on the secure site and download it.
  • Looking after the network, it may take few more minutes to get loaded on your device.
  • Locate the file on your device and install the app.
  • Now tap on the icon of WhatsHack and open the app. Make sure you allow the root access on your cell phone.
  • When you allow rooting your phone, you will find many apps available.
  • Now you can easily open up the contact list which you want to edit and modify the messages.
  • After you have done modifying the messages that you wanted, take a screen shot and play a prank with your friend by sending them.

This is how you can send and modify messages with WhatsHack. This app will totally change the message in WhatsApp that you have sent as well as received.

Finally, we have cleared all your doubts about how to edit WhatsApp send & received messages. With the help of this amazing WhatsApp tool box named WhatsHack, you can manage all your WhatsApp content from the message to the time. However, this app is quite fun and enjoyable to scare your friends. Eventually, your friends will be thrilled to know how did the message got edited. But remember not to share the secrets so easily with your friends. Let them insist you many times first.

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