Easiest Ways To Save Backup Of Gmail Emails For Offline Acces

Emails are used to share a lot of information sent over internet these days. These email contains lots of important information such as account and password information, university grades, bank statements, business reports, general correspondence among friends and family and online shopping details etc. It’s always a certain possibility that any data you store on the Internet could get wiped out. It is needed to take backup of your Gmail’s email messages to keep it safe and secure in your local system or in the another online service. In local backup you can read your emails in offline mode. Lots of people use Gmail as their essential email program to storing valuable personal and work emails in Gmail. Now, if the Google mail servers go down then your account is compromised or gets reset somehow, by this you could lose access to years’ worth of emails, it can be temporarily or permanently. Here you can try many ways to create a local copy of your Gmail’s email messages or make a backup of your email to another online service.

You should probably make a regularly backup of your Gmail account. By setting up an email client on your local computer, you can download your emails onto your hard drive by following some easy steps. Make your gmail account emails safe by saving backup, no worry after server dump. You can recover even mistakenly deleted emails.

Online Backup Services

You can find many online backup services that offers email backup. Here we have choose the Backupify to backup Gmail Account. Backupify is an online service that backs up your cloud-based data. This offers an all-in-one archiving, restore and search for 15 popular online services including Facebook, Google Apps, Twitter, Flickr and Gmail.

The free version of this service offers 2 GB of data backup storage. The unlimited account will get in paid version. Backupify performs daily or weekly backups of your online data. It is based on your subscription plan. Most of these steps can be done in less than 10 minutes. It’s definitely worth the time and effort.

Use Gmail Backup

gmail backup (1)

With Gmail Backup tool you can back up your entire Gmail account including all attachments on your local computer by making a folder in it. To use the Gmail Backup Tool simply go to the Gmail Backup tool website by the above mentioned link. Its so simple to use, backup and restore. Simply enter your Gmail login details and set a destination folder. You can set the inclusive dates of the back up and it’ll start doing all the work for you.

There are a lot of free email clients available for doing this job for Pcs and Macs like Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail. To back up your data you have to simply enable POP in your Gmail account by following these easy steps:

gmail backup (3)
gmail backup (4)


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