Dual Whatsapp Trick 2016


Dual Whatsapp Trick 2016 – Run 2 Whatsapp in 1 Phone

Hello guys welcome to ViralHax, Nowadays whatsapp is the most popular chat messaging application for meet you friends and family members online, recently mark (owner of facebook) buy whatsapp from their author, and nowadays it is very famous application because if you using whatsapp then you send or receive messages quickly, you can not get this amazing quality in other chat messenger applications like We chat  , Hike etc. That’s a good reason to use the awesome application, nowadays 80% peoples use internet, or if any person using internet, then they also use whatsapp, peoples also using this application for office work, so they need to use dual whatsapp in their single android device, this thing not possible with official app, so users search this thing on google and other search engine like yahoo, MSN, Bing etc. But they can’t find working trick, but in this tutorial we provide you some working methods about the topic of dual whatsapp, so now you can manage your office work chat and your friends chat in different application, everyone has dual sim android mobile but whatsapp not has option to add other account in the app, so you need to use another app for do this impossible thing on your android, today i will describe you all about Dual Whatsapp Trick.

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Use Dual Whatsapp On Single Mobile 10 home

Today we will be showing you, how to use dual whatsapp account in one android phone. I’ll discuss two working ways to run dual whatsapp accounts in an android Mobile phone. As, using multi whatsapp account in a dual sim android mobile phone is a myth from a long time which we have decided to disclose now. So guys, if you also want to run whatsapp on your dual sim android mobile phone, then we have a working or easy trick for you or in other words, i am sharing dual whatsapp trick. one of most searched term now a days on google is that, Run 2 whatsapp in one android phone . Every people is looking for how to use two whatsapp in one android mobile. because WhatsApp is one of most used social chat messenger now a days. So Don’t worry as i will many methods for use two whatsapp accounts on one phone in android Operating System.

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Use Dual Whatsapp On Single Mobile 9

I Know guys, You have also tried other methods from other sites to use dual whatsapp accounts>, but most tricks might not working now days, because using two Whatsapp accounts at same time, is trending now days. Now you can Use whatsmapp solo apk latest version apk. in this time many website owners provide you fake tricks, which are not Working. Use dual whatsapp account with my trick in your Android Mobile Phone. This is the 100% Working and confirmed way to use 2 Whatsapp accounts in Single Android Device.

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2 Whatsapp in single android phone

Use Dual Whatsapp On Single Mobile 8

You can find many Guides on the google or many search engines, Which you needs root access in your mobile for use 2 Whatsapp accounts. But We will tell you a simple or easy way on this post, in which you can easily or quickly run 2 Whatsapp accounts in 1 Android mobile Phone without any Issues or problems. nowadays, almost everyone using Whatsapp chat messenger in our android mobile phones/ pc/ laptops for Text Friends, Family, Crush, Relatives etc. There are too many more reasons, because Peoples wants to use two whatsapp accounts in there one android mobile phone. you can also check it out. many tricks on our site.

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Use Dual Whatsapp On Single Mobile 7

This time Mobile phones are also comes with Dual Sim slots, so peoples why not use Dual Whatsapp account so you can use one mobile number for chat with relatives, friends, girlfriends, crush etc & 2nd number is for Business, and your work purposes etc. so now use dual whatsapp account in your Android Mobile Phone. with my trick. Some users, like to Add in Multiple Whatsapp Groups, with different – different profiles or Mobile numbers. So this is the very simple and easy guide for how to use 1 whatsapp account in 2 android mobile Devices. so guys let’s check it out. i hope that you may like it my article.

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Use Dual Whatsapp On Single Mobile 6

Dual Whatsapp Method For Android: You can easily run/use 2 Whatsapp accounts in your Single Android Mobile Phone with this Simple and easy guide. In Some websites, you may see Whatsfupp Method also, which is not working this time because it’s giving outdated error, Which means that Whatspupp the expired version and they not update our version. So guys, checkout Full method from below article & it’s working 100% Without any issues and problems at all. This is the latest or best ever Guide, For Using Multi Whatsapp Accounts in Our one android phone, without any Issues and without any problem at all.

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Use Dual Whatsapp On Single Mobile 5

So guys in this post we provide you full guide for using 2 Whatsapp accounts in one Android phone without Using Og Whatsapp and without Whatsfupp App, this method is based on Whatsmapp Solo. And Guys This Method is working fine without any Issues. you may have seen that a lot of Peoples are looking some days, in which they can install/ run 2 Whatsapp accounts in 1 android phone in there rooted or non rooted android mobile phones !!. so we have posted easy and full guide, which you can use, which is working absolutely fine without any issue at all.

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Use Dual Whatsapp On Single Mobile 4

Guys In this amazing article, I will describe you lots of methods to setup dual whatsapp account in 1 android phone for free.  I have many methods  listed in below given post are personally tested by our viralhax team and I dam sure below given apps of multi whatsapp account will work for all my blog readers also. Guys in this awesome article we describe 100% working 3 methods for run multi whatsapp in single android device.

Use Dual Whatsapp On Single Mobile 3

if you are also having some questions in your mind like below:

  • How to run 2 whatsapp on same device?
  • How to use 2 whatsapp in dual sim phone?
  • How to run 2 whatsapp account in one phone?
Use Dual Whatsapp On Single Mobile 2

Guys this article for dual whatsapp lovers, which peoples need to manage multi numbers in same android device. so if you also want this trick, then it’s only for you.

Features of This Trick for Running Dual Whatsapp accounts

Below, are the some top and principal features of this Dual Whatsapp Apk, which you can use in your non rooted android mobile phone for use multi whatsapp accounts in 1 phone.

  • Lollipop UI which is very smooth and responsive.
  • Working in Rooted & Non Rooted Both Android Mobile Phones without any issues.
  • No need of switching accounts again and again.
  • Full Privacy – Hide Last Seen, Blue Ticks etc, Fill features like Whatsapp plus apk
  • You can use two whatsapp account simultaneously without any issue.
  • Fully Stable without any issues.
  • Better look & more feature in comparison of Real Whatsapp or Og Whatsapp.
  • Last seen hide option from all contacts.
  • Change Icon of app.
  • Navigation bar color change (Only For Lollipop Users)
  • Change Notification icon color (Below Lollipop) (Not Lollipop)
  • Fastest Mod of WhatsApp
  • Copy messages without date / Name
  • Image and video quality and sharing limit Mods
  • Group stats and much more!
  • Calling feature Enabled
  • Latest and great mod with all new features
  • Action Bar color change
  • Status Bar color change (Lollipop only)
  • Copy contact status & phone Number
  • Initial release of latest whatsapp mod

Some Things you need before using 2 Whatapp accounts in 1 Android Mobile

  1. Android Mobile – Rooted or not, No Matters, Below is 4 methods available, some is for non rooted android devices & some is for rooted android mobile method.
  2. Working Internet or WIFI Connection for use dual whatsapp. you can use any type Internet Connection, Speed not matter.
  3. Make sure, that your phone’s unknown sources option are enabled in your mobile, Because for Install an app without using the play store, then needs unknown Sources to be enabled in your android device, For do this Goto your mobile Settings -> Security -> Tick on Unknown Sources.

Dual Whatsapp Trick 2016 - Run 2 Whatsapp in 1 Phone android

How to Run two Whatsapp account in one android phone Using 2 lines for Whatsapp (Method 1)

Guys In this method, We will use 2 lines for Whatsapp Application in our device, for purpose of multi whatsapp account in android phone.So We Need to discuss requirements for run 2 lines whatsapp in android mobile phone. In this method, you can easily run 2 whatsapp in 1 android phone with the help of a very famous and popular app which is known as 2 Lines for Whatsapp. So guys, if you are looking for multi account whatsapp, then it is best app for you. and this post also for you.

Use Dual Whatsapp On Single Mobile 2 lines

Requirements to run 2 lines for Whatsapp:

  • Before running 2 lines for Whatsapp in android mobile phone, you need to root your android phone first.
  • Android version of your android device must be 2.3.6+.
  • At least 19 MB of free space. in your storage.

How to run multi whatsapp account by using 2 lines for Whatsapp :

Below in part of this article, we are discussing about, how to use two whatsapp account in one android mobile phone by using of 2 lines for whatsapp. With This method you can run two whatsapp in one phone is very easy and quickly. but first you need to root your android device for using this awesome application . Though, this application not only provides dual whatsapp but you can also install multi whatsapp accounts in your mobile, upto 10. but there are some disadvantages also of this dual whatsapp trick that, it will not give you real time notification from your multiple whatsapp numbers. so let’s see, how to use it.

Steps to Use 2 lines for Whatsapp

  • First, Download 2 Lines for Whatsapp from below given download button.

Download 2 Lines For Whatsapp

  • After, you have successfully installed this app in your android phone.
  • Now Open 2 Lines for Whatsapp in your android Mobile phone.
  • Now, grant super su or kinguser (root) permissions to this app.
  • Now Click on Add a new line for Whatsapp.
  • Then Add your number in this app and Enjoy 2 Whatsapp account in android phone

So guys, it was first method to use dual whatsapp account in one android device by using 2 Lines for Whatsapp application. I hope, you can also easily run multiple whatsapp accounts by using this above method.

Note: I agree that GBWhatsapp is one of the best and most useful method to run two whatsapp in one android phone but in this time due to strict policies by Whatsapp so you can’t use it, we are listing about 2 Lines for Whatsapp, this is the first place as this method for using dual whatsapp. Team of viralhax even recommend you to try to GBWhatsapp APK first but if you are getting any error in GBWhatsapp apk. then use above best and easy method.

Use multiple Whatsapp account in single android Mobile by using GBWhatsapp (Method 2)

Nowadays one of the best method of multi whatsapp for android users. Now guys, i will going to  describe our second method of the post to use two whatsapp accounts in one android mobile phone. This amazing method in this awesome article, run 2 whatsapp in one android device is for you and all of users who find on google about it. if you guys are also finding for the working and new methods to use 2 WhatsApp in 1 android phone. today we describe a new and famous application available here, which known name as GBWhatsapp. So, if you are also looking for 100% working OGWhatsapp version apk (because many users like OGWhatsapp, so i use this application name again and again) . Well, this is one of most useful application or this is the best method to use dual whatsapp on android on your android device. So, we are going to sharing the application link and methods to use and installation.

Use Dual Whatsapp On Single Mobile gb

Some Features of GBWhatsapp:

  • No need of rooted android phone.
  • Working OGWhatsapp alternative.
  • Use two different whatsapp numbers at same time.

How to use dual whatsapp accounts by Using GBWhatsapp Application:

It’s basically an other Whatsapp client application for Android users for use dual whatsapp account in your android device. Installing GBWhatsapp is very easy and simple. Just follow below steps to use two whatsapp accounts by using GBWhatsapp.

  • First of all, Download GBWhatsapp from given below button.

Download GBWhatsapp.apk

  • I hope all of you, have successfully installed GBWhatsapp in your android device by clicking on Install tap.
  • Once you finish installation process then, Open GBWhatsapp app now and Sign Up with your second mobile number on it which you want to use for dual Whatsapp account in your 1 android phone.
  • Now Verify this number as normally and Use dual whatsapp account in your android phone.

So, this was for second method to run dual whatsapp account in single android device with help of latest GBWhatsapp application. I am sure that this easy and simple method will work for all my blog readers like charm.

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