Downloading and Installing WhatsApp Messenger on Android

Have you installed WhatsApp yet? If you have no idea what this app is, you might be hiding under a rock. Or maybe, you must be using another app similar to this that you stopped upgrading to another one.

WhatsApp is a messenger app and a popular one at that. This is a multi-platform free messaging app which means this is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and other smartphones.

With the use of internet connection, you can now send messages and call friends without having to spend or pay a fee to subscribe. This is because it uses the internet connection of your phone. So long as you are online, you can use WhatsApp and get connected to friends and family in most parts of the world.

But if you have recently purchased your Android phone, you can enjoy the exciting features of this popular IM app.

Next, go to Play Store and type “WhatsApp” from the search bar and click “Go”. Once you see the different icons, choose the one from WhatsApp, Inc. You will be brought to the download page for WhatsApp and you just have to click install. Wait for the download to be complete and you can now start creating an account and will be asked for your mobile number to be associated to your account. After, you can start using WhatsApp.

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