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Hello friends how are you? I hope you are living well and enjoying full in your lives. As always, I am here with a new and one of the most important article that is all about Whatsapp Plus app. Here I will provide you all the important and basic information about the app and also I will provide you the downloading link of the app so that you can avoid the fake links that can may harm your device some times. So lets begin our today’s article that is about Whatsapp Plus and the topic of the article is Download Whatsapp Plus Latest Version 2017.

download whatsapp plus

Friends in today’s modern era Whatsapp is one of the most used, known, popular and also important app. We all have android mobile and we all use whatapp. No doubt 80% of people are using whatsapp nowadays. Today is the era of technology where Whatsapp plays a crucial role in every person’s everyday life. We all use whatsapp because of its amazing features.

Whatsapp is a instant messaging service app that works on internet connection. And used over 180 countries with more than 1 billion users. People prefer Whatsapp to stay connected with their friends and family members. It is an alternative to Short Message Service. Jan Koum and Brian Acton made this app and named it on the phrase “whats up”, “Whatsapp”. After that Facebook showed interest in it and bought it in Feb 2014. Since then it become one of the best app that every user preferred. We can make audio call also with other people who is having the whatsapp account and a working internet connection. Recently Whatapp add a new feature of video calling with which users can make video calls with their family, friends and relatives. With this, you can also share photos, videos, audios, and other types of any file with Whatsapp.

To Enjoy Whatsapp in your device you need first to download the Whatsapp messenger in your device. Yo just have to click here to download Whatsapp directly to your device. Then you need to create an account. While creating your account it will ask for your name, status, number, profile picture, and a whatsapp status. And you can change your name, status and profile picture according to your choice whenever you want. So this was a short description of Whatsapp that is one of a important topic of our today’s article Download Whatsapp Plus.

We all are using android devices nowadays and we all are very well known about this. Now you people must be thinking that what is the connection between this and our today’s article and why there is need to describe this on the article, Download Whatsapp Plus? But I want to explain you that there is a great need of description about Android. Because the app, Whatsapp plus is also an Android app. So its important to give a short description about Android operating system. Friends, Android operating system is the most popular operating system nowadays. This is because it provides a lots of features and amazing apps to its users. Its users are enjoying with a lots of amazing apps and Whatsapp and Whatsapp plus are of them.

Android is a linux based operating system. Android was firstly developed by Android in-cooperation. But after that Google shows interest in owning it and in 2005 Google finally owned it. It has default user interface which is totally based on direct manipulation. Android is specially designed to manage the processing of power consumption. And a lots more amazing features are included in it. These amazing features makes android operating system the most preferred Operating System of all.

Download Whatsapp Plus Latest Version 2017

Now we came to the most important topic of our article Download Whatsapp Plus. That is, to the description section of Whatsapp plus. Here we will describe you about the Whatsapp plus. We will also describe you some of its uses and a short description of its features also. So What is Whatsapp Plus? Friends Whatsapp Plus is an alternative or we can also say the modified version of Whatsapp. It was developed by a Spanish developer in 2012. It is also called Whatsapp+ and Whatsapp plus holo.

Basically Whatsapp messenger has a green icon whereas Whatsapp plus has a blue icon with same design. Its new for people so many people are still confused that is it legal or illegal to use whatsapp plus?? But friends let me tell you that it is not fully clarified about it that it is legal or not?. But you can use it without taking any risk or stress. With it you can change the overall look of the Whats app by selecting new styles and more visual themes. Whatsapp plus provides you over 700 themes. In addition with it, it provides you a variety of latest emoticons and smileys.

In simple words we can say the both apps Whatsapp and whatsapp plus are same. That means both have same structure but whatsapp plus have some extra and advanced features than whatsapp. I hope you all are getting it. So now, after this short description of Whatsapp plus. Lets move on to a brief description of its important and amazing features.

Features of Whatsapp Plus Latest Version 2017

Here in this section of today’s article, we will describe you the features of Whatapp plus. That makes it an amazing app in it. Before installing or downloading any app in your device you should have full and proper information about that app because it can you to prevent your device from any malicious program that might harm your device and can decrease its performance. So users must be aware about the that they are going to install or doenload in their device. And features of some particular app are one of the most important part of any applications. So this app, Whatsapp plus also have some unique features that I am describing below.

  • More themes are added

    We all know about themes. And we all have craze about changing themes. This looks cool to set more new cool themes to our system. And setting something new theme to our whatsapp wallpaper looks really very attractive. So, in this case more themes are added in Whatsapp plus. Over 700 themes are added for user’s convenience.

  • More and new emoticons are included

    Emojis, emoticons or smileys are very important part of our chatting. We all loves to include emoticons in our chats. These emoticons makes a chat full of emotions. It can make reader more clear that what the writer is actually saying. Or simply we can say emoticons gives an extra effect of emotions to our chat. But we are using the same emojis for a long period of time. So everyone wants some more emoticons to be used. Therefore Whatsapp plus brings you more amazing and new emoticons.

  • Hide you last seen, status and profile picture

    While using any app we always check about its security and privacy. Security and Privacy matters a lot when we are doing something even while using any app. specially when the is having our some important and personal details. So whatsapp plus includes an awesome feature of hiding your last connection, status and profile picture. So there is no privacy concern about the app.

  • Set file sharing options according to you

    Let us suppose that we have to share a file that is big in size and whatsapp is not able to share large files. So in that case we need something which can help us in this. So we need an app which can help us to share bigger files. Here in such cases Whatsapp plus will help you. Whatsapp plus included a new feature of increasing the sharing quantity of a file. With which you will be able to share bigger sizes of file with your friends and family members.

  • Can select or change the overall appearance –

    As we select theme of our phone, wallpaper of our phone and laptop, PC or anything. And we all want freedom to change appearance of our personal things according to us. Now we can change the appearance of of our whatsapp also with whatsapp plus. Yes, you now change the appearance of Header, Colour, chat image’s size, contact’s image, and lots more.

So above were the some of amazing features of Whatsapp plus. We you can enjoy if you download whatsapp plus app. And if you are interested in downloading the whatsapp plus then in upcoming sections we are going to provide full tutorial to download Whatsapp plus. And with this, we will also provide you the downloading link of the app.


Before moving to steps description of procedure of downloading Whatsapp plus. There is need of requirement description. It is very important to have a full knowledge about the app and its requirements also. Knowledge about the requirements for downloading the app will make it easy to download the app for you. So here we are mentioning some requirements that you will need to download whatsapp plus. Have a look.

  • Whatsapp plus apk. (you can download directly by the link which is given below in steps section)
  • Backup of your chats (you can see the procedure of making backup of your chats below in steps section)
  • Working Internet connection

So these were the few requirements that you need to download Whatsapp plus app. Without these given requirements you can not proceed to your task to download the app. Now if you have fulfilled all the mentioned requirements, then we can now move towards the steps to download whatsapp plus app.

How to download whatsapp plus Latest Version 2017?

If you people are thinking of downloading whatsapp plus then here in this section of this article i will provide you the steps to download whatsapp plus for your device. With this, i will also provide you the downloading link of the apk file that you will need to use whatsapp plus.

  1. Download apk file

    First of all you have to download the apk file in your device to download whatsapp plus. In many sites you will find some fake link. So I am providing you the real link. So that you can directly and easily download whatsapp plus in your device by just clicking here.

  2. Make backup of your older chats.

    We understand that many of chats, messages and any other thing will be present in your mobile messenger. So if you want to preserve the old chats of your whatsapp messenger then you have make a backup of the data. By it, you will be able to recover your old chats in whatsapp messenger. And if you want to make backup of your data and your are facing some problems in making backup then I am here to help you.

    Open you official whatsapp messenger first. and open chats. Now Click the three dots, in right-upper corner of your messenger’s screen. Now click setting. After that you will show some options and you have to click chats from there. Then click on backup. Now it will automatically backup your whole chat data in few seconds.

  3. Uninstall the Official Whatsapp messenger

    You all guys must be using official Whatsapp right now. But you have to uninstall it before you use Whatsapp plus. Without uninstalling Whatsapp official messenger you will not able to use Whatsapp plus. If you people are confusing about how to ubinstall the app then I will solve it foe you. Read the below lines to learn how to in install whatsapp official messenger. Go to you phone setting. Then click on application. Now click on All apps. After that, tap on whatsapp messenger and uninstall it from your mobile.

  4. Install downloaded apk

    Now its time to install the whatsapp apk file in your device. Install it in your device and fill your full details there. Also restore the backup of your chats. With this you will be able to use whatsapp plus in your device.

NOTE: If in case your whatsapp plus messenger is not working even after completing the whole process. Then you don’t have to worry about this. You just have to uninstall it again and install the official whatsapp again from playstore. Fill out the details and start using it again. But this only for the case when your whatsapp plus will not open.

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