Download WhatsApp Messenger App On Samsung Z2

For the Social media users WhatsApp is a must have app on their smartphones. In the world more than 6 billion users uses it to share everything with their friends and family. Now WhatsApp Messenger app is available on Samsung Z2 smartphone. It is native app from Facebook developers and it don’t need any intermediate tools to install. It is good news for users that it available to use on Z2, but there are some gaps in WhatsApp on the Z2 version.

This feature is missed here and we don’t know why they did it, which is major feature of WhatsApp Messenger. Firstly I thought it might come in new app version but after when they released new update on Z2, still it missing. Now we have to wait for another update version to get this feature. It totally depend on developers, whether they introduce it in new update or not.

WhatsApp on Samsung Z2

I don’t think this is the issue to be clear right now. Tizen market is very small at this moment, so they will take it seriously when it increases its shares. It is very easy to use, it gives easy Menus to navigate. In the menu options you can find Favorites, Status, Contacts, Chats and Settings right below the screen. Many users like to change their Status frequently, that’s why it has special menu to use and to change your status in few seconds.

Now WhatsApp Messenger is available in Tizen Store for free of cost. On the Samsung Z2 you don’t have to download it, it already pre-installed on Samsung Z2. You can get it from Essential Apps folder on your device. It is one of the best social sharing app and very secure to use on Tizen, so you don’t have to worry about your privacy.


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