Download Whatsapp++ iPA iOS 11/ 10 Without Jailbreak (iPhone, iPad)


Whatsapp and Whatsapp plus is the most popular and downloaded mobile app on Earth after Facebook. Whatsapp is the free messaging service that allows users to share their images, videos, documents, location, contacts and voice memos over an end-to-end encrypted channel.

Every one personout of seven people on Earth uses Whatsapp messenger to connect to their friends and family.

About Whatsapp++

Whatsapp++ is basically a tweaked version of original Whatsapp messenger app. This version features a lot of awaited enhancements and tweaks, to bypass the Whatsapp terms and policies.

Enhancements in Whatsapp++

Whatsapp++ iPA iOS 11 Download Free for iPhone, iPad no Jailbreak and No computer. Whtsapp++ Features iOS 11, iOS 10 Cydia Without Jailbreak 2017
  • Full Profile picture –You can now easily add a full picture as your profile picture of Whatsapp, without cropping it.
  • Share Music – The most required tweak of Whatsapp was to be able to send DRM free music to other users. This tweak has fulfilled that request.
  • Record Audio on tap – One of the most annoying and troublesome features of original Whatsapp is that you have hold on to Voice button to record an audio and send it. In Whatsapp++ you can now record and send an audio just on a click.
  • Send unlimited media items – Now you can easily send unlimited media items to other users, at once.
  • Passcode / TouchID – One feature that Apple never provides is that you can never lock your individual apps and protect the data from strangers. This tweaked Whatsapp++ lets you enable security lock as well as TouchID.
  • Read Scripts –In Whatsapp++, you have the power to disable the read scripts, so that other users do not get blue tick even if you have read their messages. This feature can be applied as generic for full Contact list or you may even restrict it for a specific user also. This gives you the power of seeing and not be seen.
  • Custom theme and text color – Now, it is possible to change your Whatsapp theme and change font color of a conversation on your iOS device also.
  • Stealth Mode – You may easily hide your last seen and activity from other users in Whatsapp++ tweak.

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  • A Mac machine
  • Xcode installed on that Mac, downloaded from Mac App Store.
  • An iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod), running on iOS 10+
  • Apple Developer ID, to download app on your iOS device

How to Download and Install Whatsapp++ on iOS 11/ 10.2/ 10.3.2 Without Jailbreak ?

1. Download ‘ppsideloader’ zip package, from this link.

2. Now, proceed for downloading Whatsapp++ IPA file from this link.

3. Unzip the above downloaded ‘ppsideloader’ zip package from Step 1. Thisextractedpackage folder will be containing an IPA file, named as ‘app.ipa’.

Now, extract the Whatsapp++ IPA file from the zip package you downloaded in Step 2.

Replace the original ‘app.ipa’ file with the extracted WhatsApp++ IPA file. Once replaced, rename the Whatsapp++ ipa to ‘app.ipa’ in the same folder.

4. Open Xcode on your Mac and double click on the ‘ppsideloader.xcodeproj’ icon file, from the above extracted folder in Step1.

5. When the above project is open in Xcode, click on Xcode à Preferences, from the menu bar on top. In the opened window, click on Accounts tab, then click the ‘+’ button at the bottom left side.

6. Next, a popup will open requiring you to enter your Apple Developer account ID and password, so as to authorize your developer profile to this app.

7. Once signed in, go back to main project screen in Xcode, and select ‘ppsideloader’ project from left side menu. Now, you need to change the Bundle Identifier of the Whatsapp++ app, to something like com.{yourname/anyname}.whatsapp

8. After that, a dropdown box, named as ‘Team’, will appear, asking you to select your Apple Developer ID from the given list. After that tap on Fix issue button.

9. Connect your iOS device to your Mac and make sure you see your iOS device in the Connected Devices list on top.

10. Now, click on the Build and Run button from the above top bar, or just hit Cmd + R buttons simultaneously on your Mac. Once compilation is finished, you will be able to see Whatsapp++ icon on the Home Screen of your iOS device.

11. Last step would be to authorize the developer profile of Whatsapp++ on your iOS device. Go to Settings à General à Profiles or Device Management. In Apps section, tap on Whatsapp++ icon and select Trust on both overlays.


That’s it. You are now ready to explore the world of hidden features of Whatsapp++.

Do not update the Whatsapp++ app without the prior notification of its developer. Doing so might result in the discontinuation of your tweaked app.

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