Download WhatsApp in Different Colors

Download WhatsApp in Different colors

WhatsApp is the most popular cross messaging app and has more than 500 Million monthly active users. The messaging app was recently acquired by the social media giant Facebook which added functionalities such as Voice calling and rumored video calling which hasn’t yet made to the software. Nevertheless, after the acquisition, Facebook also announced that the WhatsApp will be available for free for lifetime and the users don’t have to pay the yearly subscription fee of Rs 56 or $0.99 anymore. This news came with a question whether Facebook will start monetizing WhatsApp through ads. However, Facebook has made it clear that they are not planning to introduce ads on WhatsApp as of now.

Download WhatsApp in Different colors

WhatsApp is available on almost every mobile platform, and you can even install whatsApp on PC. The mobile platform includes Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS, Symbian, Nokia Asha and S40 series. WhatsApp allows you to customize the app the way you want it, but in limitation. You can change the default wallpaper or background image, chose to hide and show last seen and more. However, in case you want to customize WhatsApp a little more, you can change the base WhatsApp color.

WhatsApp comes with a default base color which is green and that looks good with the app. However, in case you want to change the base color of WhatsApp, you can do it after altering the WhatsApp apk using APKTool. However, in this post, I will give direct links to the already edited version of WhatsApp apk which you can download install. Here is how to download Download WhatsApp in different colors.

Download WhatsApp in Different Colors

When you download any of these modified WhatsApp apk files, the change will appear all over the application. When you install the app, the color change will be visible in WhatsApp main screen, chat screen, and the call screen. You will also notice that the message status icons (ticks) also have changed and now looks much better. Click on any of the below links and download the Download WhatsApp in your preferred color.

Download WhatsApp in Black – Download

Download WhatsApp in Blue – Download

Download WhatsApp in BlueGrey – Download

Download WhatsApp in Brown – Download

Download WhatsApp in Cyan – Download

Download WhatsApp in DarkGreen – Download

Download WhatsApp in DarkGrey – Download

Download WhatsApp in DeepPurple – Download

Download WhatsApp in Indigo – Download

Download WhatsApp in Orange – Download

Download WhatsApp in Pink – Download

Download WhatsApp in Purple – Download

Download WhatsApp in Red – Download

Download WhatsApp in PastleBlue – Download

How to Install It

To install the new colored version of the WhatsApp, you need to uninstall your previously installed version of the WhatsApp.

So, open WhatsApp and create a backup of your chat/conversation. You can take backup from Settings > Chats and calls> Back up chats.

Once you have done the backup, uninstall WhatsApp from Settings > Apps> WhatsApp > Uninstall.

Now download your preferred base color WhatsApp apk from the link above.

Search and find the APK file using the File Manager and tap to install it. If asked to restore the backup, tap Yes and proceed with the installation.

After the successful installation, you will have WhatsApp in your favorite color. So, go ahead and try this new trendy WhatsApp trick and customize the app with the color of your choice.

Via: TechMesto

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