Download WhatsApp for PC (Windows 7/XP/8/Vista/Mac)

WhatsApp as we all know is a cross-platform messaging service. WhatsApp is available for iOS,Android,Windows,Symbian and Blackberry Operating System.  It is one of the most downloaded App across all these platforms. WhatsApp revolutionized messaging with it’s service. It offers a 1 Year free Trial to Users after which the user can choose to Upgrade to one of their cheap yearly service packs. Whatsapp usually even provides it’s users an Trial extension of one year.Whatsapp has become so essential that Whatsapp is everywhere – even at the place of work. While you are busy with any sort of work and your mobile is not accessible wouldn’t it be great to be able to Whatsapp using your Windows System ? That’s exactly what we have for you today – We will explain to you How to Download WhatsApp for PC.

WhatsApp for PC Main

There are numerous features and functions available to make texting and communication better with WhatsApp. The app is widely available for all types of Android Smartphones as we already mentioned it. No matter what Smartphone do you use, WhatsApp is there. The app is known as the best Instant Messaging app with its incredibly seamless services. With WhatsApp, you can live a whole new life along with your loved ones on the go. You need not to pay anything to grab this app out. And one more cool thing is, WhatsApp for PC is now available. What’s more do you need? To know more about this popular IM app, we have prepared a list of all the useful features below. Take a look and get every single thing about this app from the below list.

WhatsApp for PC – Fetures

  • No Hidden Cost – WhatsApp is absolutely for free and requires nothing to make use of it. You can easily stay connected with your loved ones using this app, there is no any hidden cost available.
  • Share Everything – User can share unlimited texts, videos, pictures, voice notes, current location and pretty much everything. You can instantly exchange contacts as well.
  • Group Chat- Enjoy unlimited group chat by creating your personal group for up to 50 people from your contacts list.
  • Profile- User will be allowed to create his own profile picture along with a proper status message.
  • Free International Messages- With WhatsApp, you can share above things for free to your loved ones who live abroad. No any hidden cost.
  • Stay Connected- WhatsApp requires a 3G/GPRS or a Wi-Fi connectivity to make use of this app. Your device needs to be connected with the cellular data. You don’t need to do any special recharge for that.
  • Say no to PINs and Usernames – No any additional PINs or Username required. It works on your cellphone number instantly.
  • Add Buddies Instantly- WhatsApp sychrnozes your contacts easily and will get you a list of people who are using WhatsApp. You can easily tap on the name and start a whole new world of messaging with WhatsApp app.

These were all the amazing features available on this World’s most popular IM app, WhatsApp. WhatsApp for PC is available and to install it, follow these below given steps.

Download WhatsApp for PC (Windows 7/XP/8/8.1)

BlueStack is an Android emulator that lets us install and use almost all Android apps and games on a PC.  This is how we’ll avail WhatsApp for PC using this android emulator. It is not just on PC that you can take advantage of BlueStack, but also on a MAC. When it comes to PC, BlueStack works on all widely deployed operating systems i.e., Windows XP, Windows Vista,Windows 7, and Windows 8.

WhatsApp for PC Loading
  •  Get BlueStack from here and install it on your PC.

  • Upon installation, open BlueStack. Launch Bluestacks on your PC on which you have installed it by following the above steps. You would see a homepage of this Emulator studded with a number of useful options. You can use all of these options easily by clicking on to them.
  • Navigate to the My Apps tab next to top 25 Apps. You will find the apps that are downloaded by default here.
    Bluestacks APP Screen
  •  In the same screen select App Search. You would get the Search box. Enter WhatsApp into the search box by using your PC’s Keyboard.
  •  In the search bar that appears, type WhatsApp or WhatsApp for PC. The search engine searches for the keyword in Google Play, one mobile and the Amazon App Store, and shows a search result from all three stores.

  •  Select WhatsApp Messenger from the 1 mobile store. You then need to click install button against WhatsApp Messenger in the screen that follows.
  • Now, to start using WhatsApp Messenger, all you have to do is go to the main homepage of Bluestacks Emulator. You would see all the previously installed apps and games along with the recent one, WhatsApp. Click on to the WhatsApp’s icon and the app will be right there on your Emulator’s screen. Accept the terms and conditions and you will be asked to go further with the sign up process.

WhatsApp for PC
  • As you know, you need to enter your cellphone number followed by the country code. Do it wisely and you will receive a six digits code which is needed to start this messenger app.

  • Click on Call Me. Note down the 6 Digit code and enter in the above screen. You are done. You have successfully setup Whatsapp in your PC.

Bluestacks WhhatsApp

In addition, we have prepared a complete tutorial on, how to install WhatsApp on PC with proper explanation. You could head over to the video just by clicking the following given link. Go up and see how you can easily start using WhatsApp Messenger on your PC. Here you go!

Make sure that, you can not start WhatsApp’s unlimited messaging journey on multiple devices. You have to use two different cellphone numbers in order to do that. Make sure you are entering the right cellphone number in order to start WhatsApp for PC after following the above given steps.

What’s your take? Have you ever used WhatsApp Messenger? Do share your views and opinions with us. More on, would you like to get the maximum out of your WhatsApp client ? Check this thread for WhatsApp Tips and Tricks. Also check out ouur other thread illustrating on How to Use Android Apps on PC. Hope we made your day. If you have any issues – Post Below , We will get back to you with a solution.

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