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WhatsApp, of course, the most used social messaging application reported having 1.2 billion monthly active users worldwide. Though there are tons of social messaging apps out there, people mostly prefer WhatsApp because of its simplicity, and that’s how it grows users exponentially. After getting acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp added some important features such as End to End Encryption, Video Calling, and the recent Status update.


However, few people rely on modified WhatsApp version such as WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp for a few additional features and high privacy. WhatsApp did not bother about these modded WhatsApp versions until it got little competition and server side problems with these versions. Hence it made Google remove all these modified WhatsApp versions from PlayStore in early 2015 and imposed a 24hour ban to people who use these.

I still remember people used these modified versions just to get few additional features such as WhatsApp Calling ( which was absent then ) and little tweaks such as to hide double ticks. Present day, out of many modified versions of WhatsApp only a few existed namely WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp. Both of them are based on latest versions, include video calling and the major WhatsApp status update.

WhatsApp Plus vs. GBWhatsApp:

Both GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus have almost same features as they update frequently, they will keep on competing on adding features. The main drawback of WhatsApp Plus is that it is still prone to get banned whereas, with GBWhatsApp you won’t get banned.

Features of GB WhatsApp

  • Themes Support
  • Can Disable Calling
  • Hide Blue Tick, Second Tick, Online Status
  • Call via Phone Directly to another person from GBWhatsapp
  • Chat Lock Inbuilt
  • Always Online Mod
  • Send up to 90 Images at a time
  • Increase Broadcast message limit up to 600 members.
  • Track of Online/Offline status of your contacts

In addition to the above features, there are tons of customizations that GBWhatsApp provides. And to install GBWhatsApp to your phone, it differs from each Android versions. But most of the cases, the requirements won’t be an issue.

Download GBWhatsApp APK for Android

Link : Download GBWhatsApp

Install GBWhatsAPP APK for Android

Well, it’s pretty simple. Download the APK from above link and install it. If you haven’t given permission to allow App installations from Unkown Sources, please allow it.

The above-quoted download link is purely non-spam and safe. You can directly download and install it without any hesitation. However, it is purely your decision to use a modded WhatsApp or not. WhatsApp may impose a ban on you if you’re caught using ( Of course, GBWhatsApp claims to be ban-proof ).

As a rule of thumb, remember to backup all your chats from your currently using WhatsApp version before you try to install these new ones. Later, you can restore them on the newer WhatsApp you’re using. I’ve heard that you cannot run GBWhatsApp along with your exisitng WhatsApp, only one can work at a time.

Summing up, I personally do not recommend to these modified WhatsApp’s; moreover, I don’t have a need to use and explore WhatsApp additionally. It is completely users decision to allow a modded Android Application into his phone which may or may not be risky.

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