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Hello guys if you own an Android device and want to do cool tweaks in your whatsapp messenger like using two accounts of whatsapp on same number or changing themes of whatsapp then you can use GB whatsapp. This is a modified version of Whatsapp Messenger which allows you to modify a lot. You can hide your last seen, Seen Double ticks, Freeze your last seen, Remove online status and so on the list keeps on loading with this Modified Whatsapp Messenger named GB WHATSAPP.

There are tonnes of cool tricks on whatsapp like sending blank messages, spamming others whatsapp and more. This is the most used and superior modified Whatsapp as compared to OG whastapp and whatsapp plus. There are some super cool themes incorporated in this version.

Gb whatsapp

Actually I Always use GB whatsapp rather than using normal whatsapp because of themes and also i have two phone numbers and i want to use whatsapp on both of them so i use my main number on GB whatsapp and secondary number on normal whatsapp. If you have the same problem of two whatsapp you can use GBwhatsapp for one and normal whatsapp for the another one and if you are searching for Og whatsapp then forget it get the GB one is better and best. If you are an iPhone user then im Sorry you cant use this modified version of whatsapp you need to use ordinary whatsapp from App store.

  • You will notice a lot of new features for your device once you download its apk and install it in your android device.
  • There are lots of features in this application which you can start using once you download and install it. There are lot of features packed in this application Ill mention some of them below. For example if you want to hide your status from particular people then you can do this directly through this app and select the people whom you wan to show your status.
  • You can choose People whom you dont want to call you
  • You can use Video calls on this version
  • You can send GIFs without any hassle
  • Selfie Flash is included the screen will flash with a white light
  • Hide your last seen from specific people.
  • You can send Group invite links to anyone.
  • Whatsapp will not ban your account if you use this modified apk
  • In normal apk you can make broadcast of 256 people but in this you can make of 600+ people
  • You can hide your call history in this application.
  • Conceal your ( last observed ) Without any issue in One Click.
  • There are security modes like hiding Second Tick(Seen bluetick)
  • There is an inbuilt Theme store from where you can download themes and apply them directly without any difficulty.
  • Change Seen ticks or chat bubbles UI as per your choice.
  • You can Watch or listen media by directly Streaming it. You need not to download it or wait for download to complete.

Above was the regular features of whatsapp you can now read and enjoy the attractive features of GB whastapp

  • Whatsapp allows only 16MB videos but with GB whatsapp you can send 30MB videos
  • Whatsapp allows only 10 Pictures to send at a time but with GB you can send 90
  • You can change your status and update it for 250 characters instead of 139 characters.
  • You can recognise which is Personal message and which is broadcast message.
  • If you want to copy your friend’s status just click on it and it will copy it to your clipboard no more looking and retyping.
  • You can now change or modify application name from settings

Download Gb Whatsapp version 5.40

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