Download and install Whatsapp for windows phone

WhatsApp tips and tricks for Windows Phone?

  • When using WhatsApp, your username will be your mobile number. But if you don’t want this to display to prevent calls or messages from strangers you may use your verification code instead.
    • Download a Spoof text message app to your mobile. Reserve this app for later use.
    • If your WhatsApp is already installed on your phone, you have to reinstall it to execute the cheat procedure. This cheat procedure is done by WhatsApp sending a verification code to your phone then you have to switch your phone into flight mode. This is to block the verification code being sent to you on your Windows phone.
    • Another option in handling the verification code is to select “Verify Through SMS”. Here you give your email address. Choose send and next click the cancel button. And WhatsApp cannot call you because of this.
    • Next is to spoof the message sent by WhatsApp. You do this by using the previously mention Spoof text message app. Locate your message and paste it to the spoofed verification.
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  • Since WhatsApp uses your mobile number as your username you still can use WhatsApp on your phone, Tablet, or device even without your SIM but with the use of WLAN connection to your Windows phone.
  • Restoring deleted message. Your messages are stored in the SDcard. So even if you delete it on WhatsApp, it is still saved in the SDcard. The messages saved are from the past 7 days or from the present day. To recover the message go to SDcard, then to WhatsApp, then finally to the database.
  • The WhatsApp is not a single app but there are also other apps linked to it to function for it, like Magiapp tricks for WhatsApp. This enables you to send and hide pictures located in another photo.
  • If you want to send the same message in bulk, you use broadcast message. To check the box beside the contacts you want to send types your message and send. With one created message, it will be sent to lots of contacts.
  • You can make backups of the WhatsApp conversations. If the message is important and you want a copy of it, you make backups. WhatsApp makes automatic backups every day at 4 AM. Go to the Settings menu, select ‘Chat preferences’ and click on Chat history backup option.
    Conversation backup.png

  • To hide the time stamp on your message, disable your data connection. Type in your message in WhatsApp. Return data connection and send your message. This will hide the time stamp of your message. Or the other method is to install WhatsappHide. Choose ‘Block last seen’. While you are on WhatsApp you cannot send the message but if you exit the application, your message will be sent automatically.
  • You can register several accounts in WhatsApp using Switch Me multiple accounts app.
  • To send .APK, .PDF, .DOC, and .ZIP files to other users of WhatsApp, you use Cloud to send.
  • You can change the WhatsApp chat wallpaper. You may use a picture from the gallery of your phone or through the use of WhatsApp Wallpaper app.
  • You can send WhatsApp conversation history to the other people via email.
  • You can also play tricks on your friends by changing his/her profile picture.

They will be shocked or surprised, but tell him/her it’s just a joke and you can change it back You change his profile picture by selecting a profile picture for him and do some edit in paint if necessary, resize it into a profile picture size which is 561 by 561. And save with a file’s name of the phone number of your friend. Save it in SDcard, WhatsApp then to profile picture. That will appear that the photo was naturally manipulated inside WhatsApp. Using your SDcard is involved in many tricks on WhatsApp.

  • If you want to do some naughty hacking, you hack conversations by using WhatsApp Sniffer.
  • The images sent to you in WhatsApp by other users will be stored in WhatsApp > media > WhatsApp images folder. You can view the files you receive by going to chat menu and click Media button.
  • To keep your voicemail from being heard by others, you press play and hold it close to your ear.
  • If you have not set up your profile picture in WhatsApp, there will be an automatic avatar that will be displayed. You may change this whenever you want.
  • You can change your WhatsApp status. You may use the prerecorded messages or you can customize your own status. This still indicates that you are not available for chat.
  • When you don’t receive notifications the reasons are your battery saver is enabled, the battery is conserving energy. Another reason is you may have a poor internet connection. And your ringer is not on.
  • You can set a profile picture without cropping it. You do this by downloading Square app. Here you can customize, resize or change the color of the borders.
  • If you want more about WhatsApp tricks, you can download WhatsApp Tips & Tricks. It is free to install. You can get ideas on how to broadcast messages, add contacts to your WhatsApp, how to use group chat, etc. So you can extend your use of the WhatsApp facilities.

In order to give you more tips on this, you will need to be specific in regards to what you are wanting to accomplish with your Windows device at this time.

How to download WhatsApp on my Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia 520)?

To download WhatsApp on your Nokia Lumia 520, go to the Windows Store and search for WhatsApp. You will find the application for free. Click on it and download it. Register your mobile number and verify it once you get the code via SMS. The Windows 8 OS is a bit slow on these Lumia phones, so unless you have a good internet pack, be patient.

Your Nokia Lumia 520 runs on Windows Mobile OS 8 and does support WhatsApp (until December 31, 2017). You can use your phone’s browser and install the app directly from the Windows Phone Store here:

Just hit the Install button under the logo:

How to install WhatsApp in Windows phone?

I have downloaded WhatsApp from the marketplace in my Nokia Lumia but it fails to install and keeps replying “attention required. press here”. When I press it replies “there has been a problem completing your request. try again later. error code: 80070490”. Kindly assist on how to go about

This means that the application is available but not for your device and its capabilities so this is the reason it is having an error on your device because the device does not support the application.

First of all, what kind of Windows phone do you have? WhatsApp is compatible with Windows Phone running OS 8 and above. If your phone meets this requirement, you can download and install WhatsApp from the Windows Phone Store here:

WhatsApp for Windows Phone HERE

My Nokia asha 200 cannot download WhatsApp?

Whenever I try nothing happens

How to install WhatsApp HTC HD7 with region format that is”found in the settings?

My Windows phone was bought in united states then shifted to Tanzania where you couldn’t find that region format in the settings, so in that case, when I search WhatsApp messenger instead of bringing me the apps list choice it results in only music file please help

Unfortunately, although WhatsApp is available for Windows Phones OS, it is not available for your device’s current Windows Phone OS version, which is 7. Currently, WhatsApp is available for Windows Phones with OS version 8.1 WhatsApp is also available for:




How do I download WhatsApp on my LG L9 PH one, it is stressing me now please help

How do I download WhatsApp on my LG L9 PH, one, it is stressing me now please help.Where is a Windows marketplace on my phone?

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I need to get a free download and each time I get to the Windows store it says its already purchased so I cannot download?

How else can I get WhatsApp for my Windows Nokia Lumia 520 phone

‘Terms and conditions option’ not available?

I have successfully installed WhatsApp but on getting to the activation stage, I opened the application but the ‘terms and conditions option is not available

Creating favorite it’s showing please help me what is that?

Please help me please help it’s showing loading favorite

Music files received from WhatsApp do not appear on browsing?

Music files received from WhatsApp do not appear on browsing or by any file browser

In order for the app to come back, Microsoft has to fix the bugs and errors on the application to help users like you enjoy the application error free. Your situation is linked to the many bugs with the application.

Microsoft has not yet released how long it will take for them to fix this error but they are working on getting the application working again.

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How to get the code to my mobile?

Despite entering my phone number I have not received the code, I grabbed the last two digits of my phone, what should I do to get the code Turn off your WiFi and make sure that you are able to receive text messages over data. If you are using a WiFi application for SMS this would be one reason you did not get the code. Go into your WhatsApp to enter your number again and request a code.

WhatsApp is not running properly?

Phone SIM card is blocking the proper run of receiving WhatsApp and Viber notifications through WiFi connections. While I am using an internet SIM card, then I receive proper WhatsApp and Viber notifications.

Here are a few solutions for you:

  1. 1
    Go into Settings to Network and find WPS


    On your wireless router push the WPS button and wait for it to pair with your device.

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  2. 2
    Go to Settings then Data Usage and open the Menu to disable Restrict App Background data.
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  3. 3
    Put your APN settings in all over again


    Be sure to push the APN from the main menu once you save and back out of the sub menu for setting up to enable the APN.

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  4. 4
    Go into WhatsApp and Viber and make sure that you have notifications enabled and that you also do not have the option selected to only use the app over WiFi


    Sometimes when apps update, your previous settings change so it is worth checking.

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Unknown why Microsoft keeps telling me through the desktop website that WhatsApp doesn’t work on my Nokia Lumia 530?

I tried it once. Didn’t work; Figured I had to update the OS. Updated the OS. Still, can’t download WhatsApp Software. When browsing through my desktop PC, Microsoft tells me that the software I’m looking for doesn’t work with my Nokia Lumia 530. I click a link in the text that sends me lower, to a part that shows me what devices WhatsApp runs with (This all in the official Microsoft Website). I see that it runs with Windows 8.1. I checked the OS version of my Nokia Lumia and.. Suprise! It’s 8.1!! I’m trying to figure what goes on over at Microsoft’s end since they still can’t recognize that my phone is updated to Windows 8.1, and thus I can’t download it manually from the desktop website. Suggestions?

You may have a corrupted 8.1. Make sure that you are logged into your Nokia and Microsoft accounts before you begin the install and that your WiFi is enabled. Your device is supported so you are correct there is something stopping you. If you have your Family Account set up, check your birthdate and age because this app is restricted and that could also be the reason it is not downloading.

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What can I do if Google is not performing?

When I want to download WhatsApp, Google does not support. I have tried: I tried to open play store the WhatsApp app does not appear, and if I try to open WhatsApp, there is a message appeared that says The version of WhatsApp become obsolete on 23 Feb 2015. please go to Google play store to download the latest version. I think it was caused by: I think it is the Google system

The latest Google Play WhatsApp link is in the above answers. If you are in a Country that bans WhatsApp then you will have to download it from their website after you enable Install from Unknown Sources in your Security settings.

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