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Feb 07,2015 Posted by Allen Lee to Guides

To backup, restore or transfer chat messages for iPhone(iOS 8.1.3) with WhatsApp Messenger v2.11.15 or newer, you need downgrade WhatsApp Messenger on iPhone. Please follow these steps on your Windows computer:

Step 0: Make sure you are using the latest version Backuptrans software on computer. You can click “Tools” -> “Check for update” on Backuptrans software to check.

Step 1: Backup current WhatsApp conversations to iCloud.(Skip if you don’t have any whatsapp message on iPhone) 1) Enable iCloud Drive. (iPhone > Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive.)

Enable iCloud Drive

2) Run WhatsApp Messenger on iPhone, go Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup and tap “Back Up Now” button.

Backup chat to iCloud

Step 2: Download an older version WhatsApp Messenger(2.11.14) from the following link onto your computer.

Step 3: Download an App Manager Tool from the following link to install on computer. Note: If you are using iTunes 12.1 or newer, please download the tool from:

Step 4: Install, run the App Manager Tool on computer and then connect your iPhone to the tool.

Step 5: Click Apps > Add > Add files on the tool and then choose the whatsapp-2.11.14.ipa you downloaded in step 2.

Add files

Step 6: Click Install button to downgrade WhatsApp Messenger to v2.11.14 on your iPhone.

Install older version WhatsApp

Step 7: Go to your iPhone, run WhatsApp Messenger and then verify your phone number. Note: If it ask for Apple ID and password, please click a “Genuine App” button on the App Manager Tool on computer.

Verify whatsapp

Step 8: After verified WhatsApp Messenger successfully, please click Restore from iCloud > Restore Chat History. Note: Go to step 11 directly if you have a brand new iPhone with no old chat message on iCloud.

Restore from iCloud

Tip: Ignore the following warning when restoring chat history from iCloud. Just go next step.

warning when restoring

Step 9: Run Backuptrans software on computer and connect your iPhone. Then right click the device name and choose “Save Messages Cache” menu. Exit Backuptrans software after finished.

save message cache

Step 10: Uninstall WhatsApp Messenger from your iPhone and then restart your iPhone. Then go back to step 4 to reinstall WhatsApp Messenger 2.11.14 again.

Step 11: After verified WhatsApp on iPhone, please click Next > Don’t restore to skip restoring.

Don't restore from iCloud

Step 12: Run Backuptrans software on computer and connect your iPhone. Then right click the device name and choose “Restore Messages from Cache” menu. Note: Skip if you don’t have the message cache on the software.

Restore messages from Cache

Done! Now you can Backuptrans software to backup, restore, transfer and merge WhatsApp chat messages freely.

Tip: If you want to uggrade WhatsApp Messager back to the latest version. Just follow these steps: 1) Backup chats to iCloud. 2) Uninstall WhatsApp Messenger from iPhone. 3) Install the latest version WhatsApp Messenger from Appstoe. 4) Verify phone number and then choose restore from iCloud.

Any further question, please contact for help.

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