Does nokia n8 support whatsapp archivos

WhatsApp for Nokia N8 is a perhaps the application that’s been downloaded for which was the flagship of Nokia, the Nokia N8

, a phone with the Nokia Belle operating system, which moves its ARM 11 processor at 680 MHz with 256 MB of RAM and ROM 524, which has 135 MB internal memory, external memory 16 GB, expandable up to 32 GB microSD card.

To download WhatsApp for Nokia , in this case for Nokia N8 , we can follow several procedures, depending on whether you want to install the stable version from the Nokia Store, or if you want to install and test the latest public beta of WhatsApp version on our Nokia N8. Either procedures are really simple, so you’ll have no problem getting the latest version of WhatsApp on your Nokia N8.

WhatsApp for Nokia N8

How to download and install WhatsApp for Nokia N8:

  • From Nokia Store (stable version):

    • Let the implementation of the Nokia Store (blue icon Shop) in our Nokia N8 and run.
    • Click on the search icon (magnifying glass at the bottom) and look for the term “WhatsApp Messenger”
    • Click on the “WhatsApp Messenger” application
    • Now only demos click on install and follow all the steps to our attention.
  • From the official website (Public Beta Version):

    • We go to the web browser of our Nokia N8.
    • Now in the address bar write:
    • Click on the icon in green “Download Now”
    • The application will be downloaded and we ask for permission to install.
    • We click on install and follow all steps that tell us

We remind you that the public beta version of WhatsApp sow can have some other failure that prevents proper operation, however the stable version should not have any errors.

All news, updates and other news on WhatsApp Nokia , ie WhatsApp for Nokia N8 , are available for you from our BLOG .

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