Delta adds free WhatsApp, Messenger, and iMessage use to flights with Wi-Fi

Delta Airlines has announced passengers onboard flights with Wi-Fi will be able to send free messages using WhatsApp, iMessage, and Facebook Messenger, beginning October 1. The airline says this is another part of its, “multi-billion dollar investment in the customer experience.

Tim Mapes, Delta’s CMO, said:

“We know many of Delta’s customers want or need to stay connected in the air and on the ground, which is why we’re investing in an easy, free way to send and receive messages inflight through some of the most popular global platforms. Coupled with our investments in seat-back screens, free entertainment and High-Speed Wi-Fi, free messaging is one more way customers can choose how to make the most of their time on Delta flights.”

All flights with Delta’s Gogo Wi-Fi service will have the option to send these messages, which will operate through the Gogo portal page. The service only supports text, and not photo or video. Additionally, because this is a data service, standard SMS messages can’t be sent either.

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