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Use a third-party WhatsApp client and you could be banned for life

By Killian Bell

WhatsApp has long been warning us that using third-party clients is not permitted, and now it is permanently banning those who continue to do so.

As a result, third-party WhatsApp clients like WhatsApp+ and WhatsAppMD quickly disappeared from the App Store and Google Play, but Android users continued to obtain them from other sources and install them manually.

German website MobiFlip says it has received a number of reports from WhatsApp users who have been permanently banned for continuing to use third-party clients. Once this happens, it seems there is no way back without creating a new account with a new phone number.

With an official WhatsApp client on almost all platforms, and the risk of a ban for those who use anything else, one might wonder why anyone would attempt to use a third-party alternative at all.

But if WhatsApp now has no qualms about kicking users permanently, it seems the advantages third-party apps bring are no longer worth the risk.

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