Create your WhatsApp group chat Account

Today I’m going to explain in detail one of the WhatsApp features that allows the users send message to larger number of other WhatsApp users, it is called WhatsApp group. Some people still find it difficult to create their own group account but in this post you will understand the way to create a new group account and add Participants, steps to make a member of your group an admin and how exit a group. Read carefully and follow the instructions.

WhatsApp group chat

There are a lot of benefits attached to this features, such as the following; It helps one to connect with a larger of people at the same time, WhatsApp group saves time, it also allow Every member contributes to any discussion on the group and many more benefits.

Steps to creating a new WhatsApp Group Chat Account

Before you think of creating a group chat on WhatsApp you must have an active WhatsApp account. Therefore, if you don’t have account yet read How to create WhatApp new account

Now, let’s get started

1. Locate and open WhatsApp on your device 2. On your WhatsApp page tap on CHATS 3. Then, proceed to click the three dots at top right, once you have done that a list of menu will appear 4. Tap on New Group 5. After tapping on new group the next option that will display is Add participants, tap on it and proceed to add those you want to be on the group from your WhatsApp contacts, either by selecting or searching their names on the search bar 6. Now, add a group name and group profile photo 7. Once you are done, tap the mark sign on the screen. Now your group account is ready. Note: you must have a chat history before you create a group chat

There is another issue I want to handle on his subject. You may succeed in creating group accounts but still don’t know how to start sending messages on the group. But it’s very simple and almost the same with private chats. Here is how to start;

How to Send WhatsApp Group message

1. Open WhatsApp on your device 2. On the page tap CHAT 3. Tap on your group name and a field to type a message will appear below 4. Click on the field and start typing your message 5. Tap on the arrow button to send when you finished.

I told you at the beginning of this article that I’m going to teach many key topics on WhatsApp group chat. Now, do you know you as an admin that you can make any of group participants an admin? It is not hard, here are the procedures.

Steps to Add WhatsApp Group Admin

1. Open your WhatsApp; go to the group. I hope you already know how to locate your group. 2. Tap on the group name 3. Proceed to tap Participants you want to make admin 4. Lastly, tap Make Group Admin

I still have one more topic to teach on WhatsApp group chat. It will be in favor of the group participants. Some people find it annoying when suddenly they find themselves on any group chat. This topic will guide you through leaving a group chat which you don’t want to join. Another annoying side of group chat is the incessant messages the will be beeping into your device all the time. You can now follow these steps if you don’t want to be a member of a WhatsApp group chat. However, you won’t receive or follow the activities on the group if you exit.

Procedures to Exit WhatsApp Group Chat

1. Go to your device and open WhatsApp 2. Tap CHAT 3. Select the group you want to leave if they are many 4. Proceed to tap Exit group. I hope it was helpful?

That’s all for now on WhatsApp group Chat, more will come soon after our research. You can ask questions relating to this topic by using the box below.

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