Create Fake WhatsApp Chats with Yazzy in Android

With millions and millions of messages exchanged every day, people are increasingly more dependable on WhatsApp. Tread carefully, though, not every conversation you see online is 100% real. With the expansion of WhatsApp, a decent number of fake conversation apps have appeared, helping people prank friends or get out of trouble. To keep you in the loop, I’ve decided to share a simple method of creating fake conversations screenshots for WhatsApp.

I advise you to do your dirty business with Yazzy because of it’s intuitive nature and the speed with which it gets updated once WhatsApp gets a new interface patch. The only potential downside is the tiny watermark on each screenshot, but I’ll guide you around that too.

Steps on Creating Fake WhatsApp Conversations

1. Download and Install Yazzy from Google Play Store


2. First things first, let’s take care of the tiny watermark I was talking about earlier. Open Yazzy and touch the Menu icon.

3. Select Settings from the menu list.


4. Make sure you leave the Include Watermark box unchecked.

include watermark

5. Go back to the starting screen and Select WhatsApp from the various social media platforms.

social media

6. First up is the Main tab, where you have to enter the Name and the profile Status of the person you’re trying to create a fake conversation with. You can add a profile picture by touching the photo-frame as shown bellow. If you want it to be even more credible, you can insert a custom background.

brad pitt

7. Once you’re done, head over to Messages. This is where the “magic” happens. You have to type in your message first, set the time and your good to go.

time and message

8. Use the Left box to depict your interlocutor and the right one to post your own message.


9.  Once you’ve got your story straight it’s time to make the final tweaks. Head over to the Status Bar. You can re-create your own status bar style if you play with settings like WiFi signal strength, battery level, cellular network and the current time.


10. When ready, head over to the Image tab and hit the refresh icon in the top-right corner. You should see your screenshot within seconds. All that’s left to do now is save it and fool your credulous friends.


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