Contacts not showing on Huawei Phones [solved]

several users contacted me in past few months for contacts not showing problem on Huawei Phones, even i have faced this problem once and found solution which i will share with all of you. There are 2 different type of issues

  • Contacts not showing in contacts app
  • Contacts isn’t responding

In 1st part i will cover contacts not showing problem.

Steps to follow:

  • Disable google contacts syncing by going in settings>accounts>google> select account and disable contacts syncing as shown in image below.
  • Then open contacts and tap on menu and select display preferences as shown in image below.
  • and here you should only select phone, as shown in image below
  • Once done, again tap on menu in contacts and tap on organise contacts as shown in image below.
  • There you will see Rebuild Index option, tap on it and tap ok to confirm it. once completed restart your phone immediately.

After restart you should be able to see your contacts.

Contacts isn’t responding

Before proceeding you are advised to backup contacts using Hisuite, because it will remove all your contacts.

  • Once you have backed up your contacts , follow 1st step of this post which is disable google contacs sync. go in setting>accounts>google>select account and disable contacts sync.
  • Now brows to settings>apps> tap on menu > show system processes
  • Find contacts app tap on it> tap on storage> clear data & clear cache.
  • Restart Phone, and now you can restore your contacts again using Hisuite.

Incase your problem doesn’t rectify you can always contact through live chat /email/whatsapp.

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